The bills have passed! Thank you, Governor Martinez and everyone who works in this building!

The bills have passed! Thank you, Governor Martinez and everyone who works in this building!

Late last night the Crew was informed by the NM Brewers Guild that Governor Susana Martinez has signed all three of the major bills that affect our breweries. Well, that is just one giant relief. After all, we had spent the better part of two weeks singing the praises of these bills and yet none of them had technically been put into law yet. Now they will be and our breweries will be better for it.

Rather than just do a total rehash of what we’ve already written (plus, I’m on my break at work as I type this), here are the links to our original story on the bills and the impact they will have on the various breweries who responded to our inquiries about them.

Luke interviewed Chris Goblet of the Brewers Guild for the initial story on what the bills are all about and what they mean.

I talked to Gabe Jensen about what the bills could mean for Bosque Brewing in the near future and beyond.

To follow that, I asked Jeff Erway at La Cumbre, Ken Carson at Nexus, and Skye Devore at Tractor about what the bills could mean to their breweries.

And finally Luke chatted with Rod Tweet of Second Street and Nico Ortiz at Turtle Mountain, who were the driving force behind SB238 and its potential impact on all brewery-restaurants.

So whether you agree with the rest of her politics or not, we think on this one occasion you can raise a pint to the Governor this weekend as a show of gratitude.

Rapid-fire weekend goings on

Don’t fret if you’re wondering what to do with yourself this weekend, it is jam-packed full of fun at the breweries and elsewhere.

Up at the Balloon Fiesta Park on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. is the Great New Mexico Food Truck and Craft Beer Festival. It costs just $5 to get in, though you will of course have to pay for the food and beer you purchase.

The full list of participating trucks: (courtesy of the event’s Facebook page)
• Adoughbe Pizza
• Artisan Valley Smokehouse
• Basil’s Home Cooking
• CalleOcho
• Castaneda’s Kitchen and Catering
• Europa Roaming Kitchen
• Gedunk Food Truck
• The Greek Geek
• Hot off the Press
• Hot Stuff Hawaiian Shave Ice
• Joe Mama’s Famous Foods
• Karibu Café
• Kimo’s Hawaiian BBQ
• The Lunch Box
• Mama Bee’s Cuisine and Catering
• Nosh Wagon
• O’Bean’s Coffee Cruiser
• Oh Kay Cee’s BBQ Truck
• Street Food Boulevard
• Street Food Institute

On the beer side of things, Abbey Brewing, De La Vega Pecan Grill Brewing, Ponderosa Brewing, Rio Grande/Sierra Blanca Brewing, and Santa Fe Brewing will all have beer available. There will also be some beers from Sam Adams, including a few specialty taps.

We are hoping that all of you who wanted to attend Tart at Heart at Sister on Saturday afternoon got your tickets, because they are sold out.

On the new beer front, the winner of the National IPA Challenge, Scale Tipper, is back at Bosque’s two Albuquerque locations. Get over there and get it as fast as you can, because we guarantee you, it will sell out fast.

There will of course be live music and other events at breweries across town such as La Cumbre, Marble (both ABQ locations), and Tractor Wells Park. For a list of who’s performing where, check their respective entries in The Week Ahead in Beer.

And finally …

The Albuquerque Isotopes season opened Thursday night. In a short window of time that I had before the game (I write about the team, in case any of you have somehow missed that; you can find my stories via my other Twitter page, @TopesWriter), I did a quick check of the beer taps on the concourse.


About the best thing I saw besides the standard Isotopes Slammin’ Amber and Triple-A Blonde was a tap for Sierra Nevada Hoppy Lager. There wasn’t even a visible Lagunitas tap. Now, the Topes don’t always activate all their tap stations for weekday games, so I’ll try to do a more thorough investigation this weekend.

In the end, I have no official word as to why our minor-league stadium is so craft beer-deficient (word on the street is there is some sort of exclusive rights or distributor issue, but I’ve never been able to get anyone working for the Isotopes on the record). Even the Kansas City Royals are pouring Santa Fe Java Stout this season. The bleepin’ Royals! In Missouri! Again, ugh.

It appears that new Marble taproom that will be built across the street in the football stadium parking lot can’t get here soon enough. And yes, the Crew will be following up on that huge story when we can.

Gotta get back to the day job before I head over to the ballpark for the night job. And at some point maybe I’ll get a pint of Scale Tipper for myself. Maybe.


— Stoutmeister

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