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The time to run for beer is upon us!

The time to run for beer is upon us!

Here is hoping most of you out there have done a lot more training than I have, because the ABQ Brew Dash is this Saturday. The 5K kicks off at 5:30 p.m. with the mile run right afterward. The course organizers recommend you should get there at least 45 minutes before the race begins.

You also need to hit up the Packet Pickup at Sports Systems (6915 Montgomery Blvd. NE) between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. today (Friday) if you are running. If you are just going to the Beer Garden to cheer us on/mock us mercilessly, you do not have to get your race packet.

Parking will be on the east side of Balloon Fiesta Park. Take San Mateo north from Alameda to Balloon Fiesta Parkway and turn in there (you can also access that road via I-25 southbound). Carpooling is highly recommended, or you can use Uber (enter code ABQBREWDASH and get a free ride for up to $20). Or if you’re one of those crazy people who are in great shape you can run, drink, and then run or bike home.

Anyone worried about the idea of running a lot and then drinking on an empty stomach, fear not! The participating food trucks are Irrational Pie, Street Food Blvd., Mama Bees, Flamingo Steve’s, and Ohh Kay Cee BBQ.

Of course, this being a mini-beer festival, we had to ask what beers will be provided from the three sponsoring breweries. Bosque co-owner Jotham Michnovicz, Boxing Bear brewer Justin Hamilton, and Marble head brewer Josh Trujillo were kind enough to respond.

Bosque: Bosque Lager, Brewer’s Boot Amber Ale, Pale Ryder Rye Pale Ale, Scotia Scotch Ale, Driftwood Oatmeal Stout (on nitro!), Bosque Pale Lager, Equinox S.M.A.S.H.

Boxing Bear: Uppercut IPA, Paw Swipe Pale Ale, Body Czech Bohemian Pilsner, Hairy Mit Hefe, Ambear, Standing 8 Stout, Salute Your Schwarz, Wiener Munchner, Regal Squabble English IPA,  Apple Bear Cider

Marble: OK, so Josh did not have an exact list ready to go. He anticipates they will have their seasonal Maibock and a number of their popular house beers.

Good luck to all the participants and organizers! We have been looking forward to this one. I would just ask that someone scrape my corpse up off the ground around the 4K mark, take me to the beer garden, and place me next to the Driftwood Nitro tap. If I should die this weekend, may it be with good stout in my belly. (So if Bosque refuses to let you drop me there, the Standing 8 tap for Boxing Bear will be just fine, too.)


— Stoutmeister