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Pardon the lateness of this post, but yours truly has been swamped with high school sports coverage this week that prevented me from posting these photos of Distillery 365 in a timely manner. Well, some high school sports, mostly just waiting out lots and lots of ridiculous weather delays. Seriously, New Mexico, you are outdoing yourself with this batsh*t weather for the month of May.

Anyway, Distillery 365 will hold their grand opening today, though technically they have been open since I was there to snap some photos on Monday. Their own liquor is not ready yet — look for Horsethief Rum for an ABQ Beer Week event May 30 — but they will have libations from Left Turn Distilling and Silver City’s Little Toad Creek, plus beer from Red Door. Considering the terrible weather outside, why not head inside and enjoy yourselves?

Just remember, the address is 2921 Stanford NE. Once you turn off Candelaria onto Stanford (you are turning south from either direction), Distillery 365 will be the second building on your right.

The various drink mixes that will be available at Distillery 365.

The various drink mixes that will be available at Distillery 365.


You can look from the bar area back into the distillery.


All told, the place seats about 50 people at a time.


All the bright, shiny equipment.


Not everything is out of the packaging yet.


The main distilling tower.

Have fun if you go, just be careful if you are driving. Not just due to alcohol consumption, but due to stupid NM drivers in the rain.

Meanwhile, I’ll be stuck at the rain-delayed state baseball tournament from now till the end of human civilization. So have one on me.


— Stoutmeister