Picking out the newsy tidbits from Bosque Insider event

Posted: December 4, 2015 by cjax33 in Uncategorized

Attendees line up for beer and food samples at the first Bosque Insider event. (All photos courtesy of Mario Caldwell)

The other night three of us in the Crew — myself, Adam, and AmyO — got a chance to be a part of the first Bosque Insider event. This invite-only experience happened inside the brewery, where we got to try out some of Bosque’s new food items paired with specific new beers. More on that in a minute, but first up as members of the staff gave speeches and did a little Q&A, we were able to pick out quite a few newsy items.

Fear not, for any that cry out for more information/explanation, I will be sitting down with the Bosque command staff next week for their Look Back/Look Ahead Series entry.


Co-owner Gabe Jensen updates the crowd on future projects.

Here were just a few of the notable bits of news to pop up. The first set were courtesy of co-owner Gabe Jensen, who spoke first.

On expanding the taproom space: “We’ve got big expansion plans here (at San Mateo). A lot of you might have heard, maybe not everybody, but we’ve gotten Suite H, which is south of our taproom. It’s long overdue. For those of you that come here often on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday night and walk away, we apologize. But we had to build the brewery out first. And now our kind neighbors asked would you like our space and I said absolutely, where do we sign? I’m hoping mid-January, beginning of February they’ll be done with that. You all know how construction goes, it always seems to bite us worse than others. (But) I’m pretty confident in this time around.”

On the filled-to-the-brim brewery space: “Obviously we’re busting at the seams here. That area where the tent is set up, that used to be a cooler. We moved an 8,000-square foot cooler by getting a wholesale license for a suite about three suites (south). That’s not connected. We’re bringing in three more fermenters. We’re doing a barrel-aging program. Then we’ll be maxed out here. That will put us at 7,500 barrels.

“We’re excited about that expansion. We’re going to be peaked out at this spot. That’s not where we plan to end. Unfortunately I don’t have any real announcements about where we’re going. We have a few places where we are pursuing a production brewery. Where we can produce our IPAs and our lagers around the clock. Then we’ll be able to do some fun stuff here. This place won’t be going anywhere. We love this neighborhood and we love that we got our start here. We’ll talk about things as more stuff develops and becomes concrete.”

On the status of the Las Cruces taproom and a future fourth location: “We’re also doing some expansions in Las Cruces. That’s taking longer than expected. We’re also looking at some locations outside the city as well. We’re really excited about that.”


Head brewer John Bullard talks about his beers with the crowd.

Next up was head brewer John Bullard, who shared his thoughts before holding a Q&A with people. Those questions and answers were geared more toward the brewing process, so we will skip over them, save for this one.

On some upcoming beers: “We’re going to be pushing barrel projects, like Gabe said. We’ve got some Chardonnay barrels ordered. I don’t know what we’re going to put in them yet, we’ll have to figure that all out. We’ll see what else. I wouldn’t say it’s a barrel program, more just barrel projects with the small space we had. We’ll probably do some sour beers later next year. If we get the production space Gabe talked about, maybe we’ll do some sour beers here.”

As for the event beyond that, a good time was had by all. It was a fun opportunity to try new beers, pair them with some tasty new food items, and of course it was a chance for a lot of people besides me to get to interact with Gabe, John, and the staff.


The Unfiltered Bock paired beautifully with the new Beef Pub Pies.

The beers we tried were the aforementioned Imperial Coffee Brown (paired with goat cheese-stuffed dates covered in honey and nuts), Eldorado Single-Hop Pale Ale (paired with Chicken Vindaloo), Unfiltered Bock (paired with Beef Pub Pie), and Jared’s Belgian Quad with Cherries (paired with Creme Brule). I am not much of a foodie, but what we had was good all around, especially the tasty pub pies. As for the beers, they were all excellent. The Coffee Brown will be out next week in bombers. The others should make their way to taps, though the Belgian Quad is already available at Nob Hill. It is basically a sweet, decadent dessert beer.

All of this just continues to showcase why Bosque has become one of the top breweries, not just in New Mexico, but the country.


Cheers from the Crew and our friends to a wonderful first Bosque Insider event.

Until next time, when I get to delve deeper into all of those expansion plans, I will see you all around the local beer-verse this weekend.


— Stoutmeister

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