Red Door Brewing rings in the new year with some big plans

The Red Door logo will adorn a second location in 2016.
The Red Door logo will adorn a second location in 2016.

Hey there, everyone! Time for another entry in our Look Back/Look Ahead Series for another local brewery, this time at one of my personal favorite spots, Red Door Brewing. Head brewer Wayne Martinez was gracious enough to sit down with me in the middle of his busy brewing schedule to talk to me about what’s happened to Red Door in this last year (over a pint of their Cosmos Porter, while it’s still available).

One of the biggest things over the course of 2015 to happen to the brewery itself was the addition of the larger patio in the back, which is also where they park the food trucks as those rotate through. They have also added quite a few kegs to their inventory for distribution to bars and restaurants. Red Door boasted several unique brews or seasonals throughout the year, too, including the extremely popular Vanilla Cream Ale.

Wayne said 2016 is going to be a very big year for the brewery. The aforementioned Vanilla Cream Ale will be back, as well as the Ryeson Sun Saison, which sold far better than expected. To help with this increased demand, they are adding more taps, which will lead to a 14-tap expansion — six seasonals, six standards, and two rotating taps. This is good news, especially for the rotating taps, in my opinion. I adore the Roamer Red and the Paint it Black Milk Stout, but I will be missing the Cosmos Porter in particular. This tap expansion will be upping their game on what’s available more often, including the Cream Ale and a new Scotch that was tapped late last week, which I couldn’t be more delighted about.

More taps at the brewery means beers like the delicious Cosmos Porter will be available more often.
More taps at the brewery means beers like the delicious Cosmos Porter will be available more often.

The big news is that not only will the taps be expanding, but they will be opening a new taproom downtown in the Simms Building at 4th Street and Gold. They are really trying to help the revitalization of downtown and the efforts to grow the community down there, including in the craft beer scene. There also will be two restaurants sharing the retail space in the lobby that Red Door will always be doing business with, and it’s wonderful to see locals helping locals, celebrating those close-knit relationships in the Albuquerque community.

Be on the lookout for an early-year opening for that taproom, and some great new beers from the Scotch Ale to their first sour-style beer, which will be a kettle sour, and with an emphasis on balance over just pucker. I’m pretty stoked for one to get my hands on this new one.

We will have plenty more on Red Door throughout the year. Thanks to Wayne for the interview and the pint!


— Porter Pounder

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