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It's like Where's Waldo?, but with Adam.

It’s like Where’s Waldo?, but with Adam.

Well, gosh, that was fun.

Marble opened their long-awaited Northeast Heights taproom on Wednesday night to a humongous crowd. There were a lot of familiar industry faces in the crowd, plus myself and Adam, but also what figured to be a strong mix of old and new customers. Things went off seemingly without a hitch, which was impressive for their “soft” opening. Heck, this was not soft. This was a full-on mosh pit of people and beer and more beer and more people. In the end, everyone kept on moshing without anyone being lost into the abyss.

I could keep rambling, but after two Stout Americanos and one Imperial Red, I’m gonna let the pictures tell the story. Take note, those two beers are on tap, along with White Out, The Duchess, and Red Light Lager, in addition to your usual favorites. The best part about Americano, Red, and White is that these are from the batches brewed to enter the competition at the Great American Beer Fesitval in October.


As president/brewmaster Ted Rice told us, Marble had some really good people design this space (namely Modulus Design).


It’s all kegs in the walk-in cooler for now, but there could be some grundies in there in the near future.


The new 10-barrel pilot brewhouse is nearly ready to start working on some new specialty and seasonal beers that will soon be on tap at all three Marble locations.


Those are a lot of fermenters. We’re excited for what they shall soon hold.


Meet the loading dock door, or how they will get the beers brewed here to the other locations, and the beers from the mothership to taps here.

Hello and good-bye, patio denizens! See you Friday!

Hello and good-bye, patio denizens! See you Friday!

The 10-barrel brewhouse should be active in the next few weeks. Expect to see a lot of familiar faces from downtown brewing up here once or twice a week, creating new beers to be shared among all three locations.

A big thanks to Tony Calder for playing tour guide, plus thanks to Ted Rice, Barbie Gonzalez, Nate Jackson, Josh Trujillo, and all the rest of the Marble staff (seriously, there were so many) who worked hard to get this place ready to go. We would add Leah Black, too, but at this point we have thanked her so many times for so many different reasons, she’s probably saying “eh, whatever, just go drink more beer.” (But seriously, without her and her constant helpful updates, this would have caught us all by surprise. You rule, Leah!)

Oh, and this Friday will mark the grand opening, starting at noon. There will be special food dishes to pair with beers from Savoy, all starting around 5 p.m. You can also expect about four more special beers to make their return to taps. We would share, but we are sworn to secrecy. Also, we totally want to drink up one of them. (Damn, did that give it away?)

Just remember, the parking lot is somewhat limited in size, so if you can, take an Uber or carpool with friends. Or bike or walk if you live close enough.

Until Friday, when we will be the bearded guys in black in a corner with goblets of (REDACTED) waiting for you to join us, enjoy your Thursday.

Cheers, Marble staff, and thanks for the fresh Imperial Red!

Cheers, Marble staff, and thanks for the fresh Imperial Red!


— Stoutmeister