Beer Poll: Choosing Albuquerque’s favorite taproom

Marble's expanded/renovated Westside Taproom will have in-house food courtesy of one of their favorite food trucks. (Photo courtesy of Marble)
Marble Westside Tap Room will celebrate its fourth anniversary today. (Photo courtesy of Marble)

Believe it or not, the Marble Westside Tap Room will be celebrating its fourth anniversary today (Tuesday). It certainly changed the beer scene west of the Rio Grande when it opened back in 2012. It has been expanded three times in order to serve the growing number of Marble fans.

Now, Marble Westside was not the first brewery taproom to open in Albuquerque. One would have to go back to the early 2000s when Blue Corn Albuquerque (now Chama River) opened the Microbar on Second Street between Central and Gold. That was followed by the ABQ (now Alien) Brew Pub in 2010, co-owned by the folks at Sierra Blanca Brewing in Moriarty. After that came the Tractor taproom in Nob Hill, back when the main brewery was still located in Los Lunas, in 2011.

As you trek west to enjoy some 2014 Imperial Stout on tap (yes, a staff member told me it would be there today) and listen to Le Chat Lunatique from 7 to 10 p.m., we wanted to ask this question: What is the best taproom in Albuquerque? Hey, you all seemed to enjoy the polling that Albuquerque Business First posted to determine the best brewery in town, so we figured another poll is just what everyone needed to break up the doldrums of a Tuesday.

We are only listing satellite taprooms, as in places where there is a taproom, but not attached to the main brewery. Also, this is only a list of taprooms in Albuquerque, so Bosque Las Cruces was not under consideration. For the sake of this being a little extra fun, we even listed an aforementioned taproom that has come and gone, but played a much bigger part in ABQ beer history than anyone might know. (Good thing someone is writing a history book to explain that, huh?)

Share this poll with others, and then tell us why you voted the way you did in the comments here or on social media. Let us get the whole city talking about beer, because that always tends to be fun.


— Stoutmeister

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