La Cumbre grows with purchase of adjacent property

La Cumbre has purchased the empty building next door, adding 6,000 square feet.
La Cumbre has purchased the empty building next door, adding 6,000 square feet.

Back when we ran our Look Back/Look Ahead Series entry on La Cumbre, Jeff Erway said he was getting close to acquiring “a property very close to here” that would help expand the brewery’s distribution footprint. The only thing Jeff left out was which building, but just about anyone walking down Girard had to notice that the property just north of the brewery was for sale.

Jeff announced on his personal Facebook page late Wednesday afternoon that he had indeed purchased the 6,000-square foot building. A quick follow-up at the brewery led to the succinct, “I bought that f—ing building right there!” from a clearly excited brewer. Jeff had hinted at the possible purchase back in our 2015-16 Look Back/Look Ahead article, and he confirmed the entire process took 18 months.

Finally, though, the building will be his. Jeff said in December the building will house offices for much of his distribution staff, and either he or Scot Nelson, the brewery’s chief financial officer, will also move his office next door. Beyond that, the new building will house one other cool feature (pun intended).

“If we can close on that, we will be adding a 2,500-square-foot cold room in the very near future,” Jeff said last month. “That will be mostly for distribution, but that will open up our 1,000-square-foot cold room out back for a lot more barrel aging. What we realize in the past few years, this has been kind of a learning process for Daniel (Jaramillo) and I, we really don’t like barrel-aged beers, specifically whiskey barrel-aged beers, that have been aged warm in any way. If they’re going to be above 60 degrees, we really don’t like the results. That being said, long, slow cold-aging in a cold room, we like that a lot. So, you could see quite a bit more barrel-aged beers coming out of our place. A few more specialty releases in that vein.”

We will raise our glasses to all of that.

Oh, yeah, and Jeff wrote on Facebook that it will give the brewery 26 new parking spaces. That alone deserves a hallelujah.

Look for other new details from La Cumbre in the near future. Until then, make sure to stop by for a pint and congratulate the staff on their new acquisition.


— Stoutmeister

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