Hub City almost ready to start brewing its own beers

Posted: March 9, 2017 by cjax33 in New Brewery Preview

Valencia County has its first brewery since Tractor left Los Lunas.

Before she left on an overdue vacation, AmyO and her boyfriend Dave were already down in Valencia County last weekend when they decided to stop by Hub City Brewing in Belen. The new brewery had opened in December, but none of the Crew had been able to trek down to check it out down at 202 De Soto Ave., right by the Rail Runner station.

As of right now, AmyO said there was not a whole lot report. Hub City has been serving guest beers from Santa Fe and Sierra Blanca, but it has yet to make its own beer. She was told that the hope is to start brewing in the next two weeks or so. It has been a long, complicated process just to get the joint open, so patience has been a virtue for the owner and staff, which includes brewer Hector Santana Jr., formerly of Bathtub Row.

AmyO snapped some additional photos of Hub City during her brief visit.

The interior is small but cozy.

Guest beers are already on tap.

The 1-barrel brewing system is already in place. It was developed at a test lab by Coors in Boulder.

The Crew will head back to Belen once Hub City has its own beers available, at which point we will get the full story of how the brewery came to be and what are its plans for the future.

Until then, it is back to basketball coverage for me.


— Stoutmeister

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