Tractor open for business in Four Hills

There is no sign yet, but trust us, that is the new Tractor Four Hills taproom on the left.

For those who do not follow us on Facebook, you missed the photos taken during the members-only soft opening of Tractor Brewing’s new taproom in Four Hills. Well, now you can go take your own photos since it is fully open for business.

The beer is flowing!

The grand opening celebration will be on Saturday, August 19, but for now head on up and enjoy a beer and a sandwich (yes, there is food!), perhaps before or after you check out a movie at Icon Cinemas. Along with the Canteen Taproom just north of Interstate 40 along Tramway, an area of town long without craft beer now has two excellent options.

It is just different enough from the other two Tractor locations, but still has a lot of the same vibe.

While the food menu was a surprise, the taproom had the same cozy feeling at Tractor’s other locations. There is a vibe of sit back and chill out with a pint. The works of local artists cover the walls. There will be live music coming up, with Julian Wild performing Saturday at 5 p.m., Alex Maryol performing this coming Wednesday at 7 p.m., and Jacob Chavez (of the Silver String Band) will perform at the grand opening on the 19th at 5 p.m., followed by DJ Bae from 7 to 10 p.m.

Yes, the patio is pet friendly.

As for that surprise food menu, it is all made on site in a small kitchen area behind the bar. The Milk Mustachio Stout Beer Cheese will be calling our name in the future. The four sandwiches are Vegetarian, Italian Melt, Cubano, and New Mexican. There is also a charcuterie board if you would rather nibble than nosh.

The sunset views from the patio are, well, as spectacular as you would expect.

The small, but cozy, patio out front is a nice touch as well. As the photo shows, there is no sign above it (yet), but the patio makes it fairly easy to spot. The exact address is 13170-C Central Ave., but to help everyone out, it sits in a building in the northeast corner of the Four Hills Village shopping center close to the intersection of Central and Tramway. The rest of the L-shaped complex includes the aforementioned Icon Cinemas, plus a Sprouts market, and more.

Cheers to the new space, Tractor! (Big shock what someone ordered there, isn’t it?)

Whether you live up in that part of town or just want to check out something new, head on up to Tractor Four Hills whenever you get the chance. Congrats to Skye Devore, David Hargis, and the rest of the Tractor staff on getting it open and looking mighty swanky!


— Stoutmeister

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