Drafty Kilt needs help from local craft beer community

Ready to rename a brewery? Drafty Kilt needs our help.

If anyone missed the news from the Albuquerque Journal on Friday, Drafty Kilt Brewing has to change its name by the end of 2017. It turns out that there was a beer called Drafty Kilt from Monday Night Brewing in Atlanta, and it was trademarked back in 2010. To avoid a possible future lawsuit, Drafty Kilt now has a short time to brainstorm up a new moniker.

All of us in the Crew decided it would be a good idea to lend owner/brewer Mike Campbell a hand, but even we could use some extra help. That is why we are calling upon all of you, the beer-loving public, to help us come up with a new name for Drafty Kilt.

Here are a few rules.

  • No offensive names. Come on, folks, keep it PG. The federal government has to approve this, and you know that people in Washington have no sense of humor.
  • Do your homework, please check to make sure there is not an existing brewery or beer trademarked with the name. Google is your friend.
  • Sorry, but just changing letters in the name (e.g. Draughty Kilt) will not work. Mike made sure to point this out. So the new name cannot be a phonetic variant of the current one.
  • All names will be considered, but if you have a really good one with a Scottish theme, that would probably be best. Just don’t get the producers of Highlander mad or anything.
  • How to submit? Simple, send us your best ideas to nmdarksidebrewcrew@gmail.com, or you can direct message us via any of our social media platforms. We just need to have a way to contact you (see below). We will then forward all serious suggestions to Drafty Kilt.
  • Will there be a prize? Yes, if your new name for the brewery is chosen, there will be some sort of reward from the owners.
  • If we could get all suggestions by Friday, that will help out the brewery. They hope to apply for a new name sooner than later, giving the government plenty of time to respond.

Get creative, have fun, and help a brewery out. Hey, there are worse ways to spend the quiet hours the rest of this week.


— Stoutmeister

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Steven N. Smith says:

    Commando Kilt

  2. Ryan Coe says:

    1. DKBrewery (PUT A KILT as a background of the name)
    2. Iompradh (scottish for bear)Brew Barn

  3. Well crap….Angry Scotsman is out

  4. Felis silvestris grampia Brewing Company (Scottish Wildcat)

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