Brews in the Wild: La Cumbre and Steel Bender bring some citrus and berry goodness to your glasses

Not sure of what beers to pick up for your BBQ? Unsure of how to quench your palate on that hike far into the mountains? We’ve got you covered! Here you will find some of the latest beers from around the state to pick up in cans, bottles, or bombers to take home. Find these offerings at their respective breweries or fine beer sellers around the state!

THE BEER: Raspberry Dynamite

THE BREWERY: Steel Bender Brewing

FOR FANS OF: Fruit pies like grandma used to make, if grandma made fruit pies with beer. IMG_3469

WHY YOU SHOULD DRINK IT: Steel Bender has been coming up quickly since their inception, so much that they have finally begin to package some of their popular beers in six-pack can releases, such as Skull Bucket IPA and Red Iron Red. But, we’re talking about their seasonal release Raspberry Dynamite today. This kettle sour incorporates a solid wheat malt bill that is kettle soured with lactose, kolsch yeast, and a hefty amount of raspberry puree. The result is a sour ale that is both tart yet still refreshing. The mouthfeel is much smoother than the average sour and won’t leave your face completely puckered; it has an almost smoothie-like feel to it. The raspberry is very pronounced throughout, but balanced, and it finishes with crisp lager notes. This is a delicious sour for the summer months, one that will quench the thirst but packs a lot of flavor in a 12-ounce can. This is a seasonal release, so make sure to pick it up and enjoy while it’s around.

THE BEER: Sun Fade Hazy IPA

THE BREWERY: La Cumbre Brewing

FOR FANS OF: IPAs to drink during a bonfire on the beach, and possibly walk across a fire with it. (We at the Dark Side Brew Crew are not responsible for actions or consequences of firewalking; do so at your own risk!)IMG_3475

WHY YOU SHOULD DRINK IT: First off, put aside the “hazy vs. non-hazy IPA” debate for elsewhere; I came to drink all of the beers and I intend to do so (responsibly, of course!). This take on a New England-style hazy IPA is a juicy wonder from the folks at La Cumbre, and if you’ve had the pleasure of trying their current series of limited IPA releases, you will have an idea of what to expect. Lots of tropics on the nose of this one — grapefruit, mango, tangerine, and some melon. Smooth, slightly rich, and tangy, still refreshing in the mouthfeel, with lots of grapefruit, guava, and slight pineapple notes, with a touch of mild resinous notes around the middle, with an OJ-like finish. Quite a tasty brew, and while drinking this it was very telling that it was a La Cumbre take on a New England IPA. Not a hop bomb like they grace us with in the form of Project Dank, Father Nelson, etc., but a delicious IPA that has a solid hop foundation that is still thirst quenching. This will likely be on regular rotation for me until it’s gone. Visit La Cumbre’s taproom to get this while it lasts.

That’s all for this edition, keep your eyes peeled for the next edition of Brews in the Wild!


— Brandon Daniel

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  1. Mark Mittelstaedt says:

    Can you mention the retailers that carry the Steel Bender Raspberry ?

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