Quarter Celtic Brewpub taps a new location with the same quality

The opening date is just around the corner.

Folks from the neighborhoods along Juan Tabo have been asking us for some time when the long-awaited Quarter Celtic taproom was going to open. While we still do not have an official opening date, we did get to enjoy an invite-only sneak preview Monday night.

The new spot is located at 1930 Juan Tabo Blvd. NE, on the east side. It is just north of Indian School. The taproom is smaller than the original brewpub at Lomas and San Mateo, but it has the same beers on tap, and a full kitchen with the same menu.

You know it’s a Quarter Celtic staff when they don’t take themselves too seriously.

The staff was up to the task of taking care of everyone in attendance Monday. There were a few faces who will be familiar to customers of the original, but all of the newcomers have been prepared for the task at hand.

Most of the space is the dining area, with the kitchen in the center. It is not quite as open as the kitchen at the brewpub, but you can still smell the food as it is cooking, so if you are not hungry before arriving, you will be after a few minutes. Hmm, it’s almost like they planned it that way.

That cool old-timey lamp post over there caught our eye.

The bar is over in the south side, where a few small TVs are on the walls above. The taproom is still more of a place to eat and talk to people than a sports bar, which is just fine with us.

Quarter Celtic has kept the same vibe at the new location, but it still feels a bit different, which is just fine. If you are a fan of the original, but it was a little too far away to visit frequently, then this should be a perfectly good option for some corned beer and cabbage, and a pint of Crimson Lass.

The bar area makes for a cozy corner.

Thanks to Ror and Brady McKeown for the invitation. We will enjoy our second Winchester in ABQ.


— Stoutmeister

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