Quick guide to brewery hours on the 4th of July

Before these go off en masse, take note of when the breweries are closing shop for the holiday.

Happy Fourth, everyone! As a public service, we did our best to compile the times all of our craft breweries are closing today, if different from normal, and noting which breweries are closed for the day. We want to make sure that if you are going to the source for your craft beer needs on this holiday, you do not show up too late or waste a trip entirely.

If a brewery is not listed below, that is because no info was found online. We would advise you to call them before driving/biking/walking over.

Albuquerque-area breweries

  • Ale Republic: normal hours
  • Black Snout: normal hours
  • Blue Grasshopper: normal hours (all locations)
  • Boese Brothers: closed
  • Bosque: closing at 8 (all locations)
  • Bow & Arrow: closing at 8
  • Boxing Bear: closing at 6 (both locations)
  • Brew Lab 101: normal hours
  • Canteen: normal hours
  • Cantero: closed
  • Differential: normal hours
  • Ex Novo: closing at 7 (call to confirm)
  • High and Dry: closing at 5
  • Hops: closed
  • Kaktus: closed
  • Kilt Check: normal hours
  • La Cumbre: closing at 6
  • La Reforma: normal hours
  • Lizard Tail: closing at 6
  • Marble: closing at 8 (all locations)
  • Nexus: closing at 4 (all locations)
  • Palmer: closed
  • Ponderosa: normal hours
  • Quarter Celtic: closing at 7 (both locations)
  • Red Door: closing at 8 (all locations)
  • Sidetrack: closing at 6
  • Starr Brothers: closing at 4
  • Steel Bender: closed
  • Thirsty Eye: closed
  • Toltec: closing at 8
  • Tractor: Wells Park TBD, but all other taprooms closing at 9
  • Turtle Mountain: closing by 3

Santa Fe-area breweries

  • HoneyMoon: closed
  • Rowley Farmhouse Ales: normal hours
  • Tumbleroot: closed

Other breweries

  • Bathtub Row: closed
  • Sierra Blanca: normal hours
  • Truth or Consequences: normal hours

One celebratory craft beer option is the beer garden at the Freedom 4th celebration tonight at Balloon Fiesta Park. Attending local breweries and distilleries will include Abbey Brewing, Bosque, Boxing Bear, Broken Trail, Canteen, Hollow Spirits, La Cumbre, Left Turn, Lost Hiker, Marble, Quarter Celtic, Red Door, Starr Brothers, The 377, Toltec, and Tractor. Admission is free for the event, but you will have to pay by the beer/cider/cocktail.

The most important thing to remember today/tonight is to be safe. Do not risk yourself or others. Use a ride-share service, find a sober friend, or just ask nicely if that couch is a good spot to fade away. We want all of you back at your favorite breweries this weekend, safe and sound.

Now if you will excuse us, Franz Solo is grilling up a metric ton of ribs and bratwursts, so we are off to get fat and happy.


— Stoutmeister

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