Tractor Brewing adds spirits and cocktails to its Westside Taproom

Tractor is bringing its spirits and cocktails to the Westside Taproom.

Back when we wrote about Tractor Brewing’s forthcoming Los Lunas Taproom, it was noted that it will be the first off-site location that will have its Troubled Minds spirits in addition to beer and cider. Well, it will actually be the second taproom, as Tractor announced this week that cocktails are coming to the Westside Taproom.

“Craft distilling is on the rise in New Mexico, and we want more Albuquerque residents to be able to experience our cocktails and spirits,” said Tractor co-owner/brewmaster David Hargis in a press release. “A lot of time and research went into our distilling process and cocktail recipes, and we couldnʼt be more excited to be able to reach new customers.”

Tractor already offers up specialty cocktails with its own whiskey, vodka, gin, and a new agave spirit at the Wells Park brewery. Customers can purchase bottles of all four to take home as well.

“Spirits have been a long time coming for Tractor, and we know that customers will be able to taste the hard work and passion that went into each craft cocktail and bottle that we serve,” Hargis said.

The finishing touches are being put on the Los Lunas Taproom, though no formal announcement of an opening date has been made.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

— Stoutmeister

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