Desert Valley taproom in Northeast Heights is now closed

The Desert Valley taproom at Wyoming and Comanche is now closed, but the Westside location is still open.

After receiving a tip in the morning, the Crew has confirmed that the Desert Valley Brewing taproom located at Wyoming and Comanche has now closed. The popular Westside location is still open and is doing just fine, we have been assured.

Per a direct message from Desert Valley on Facebook, the Heights taproom was subleased from the neighboring Poki Poki Cevicheria, which elected to terminate the contract. The neighboring barbecue restaurant, Kody’s Smoke Shack, has also closed. The future of the two spaces is unknown.

The location was previously the home of a Red Door Brewing taproom that closed last year. Kody’s took most of the Red Door space, while Desert Valley moved into a new space in between that and Poki Poki in the center of the building back in May of this year.

As of now, Desert Valley is uncertain on proceeding with its planned third taproom at San Mateo and Lincoln, but no final decisions have been made at this time.

If more information becomes available, we will update this story or follow up at a later date and time.

— Stoutmeister

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  1. jwink3101 says:

    Is it just me or does it seem like everything Poki Poki touches (or opposes), including themselves, is cursed?

    At Wyoming and Comanche we saw the demise of Red Door after only being open a short time. And now we see the demise of both Kody’s and Dessert Valley.

    And then on the Westside, only about 6 months (and presumably quite a bit of $$$ invested), Poki Poki closes there too! And I guess we will see the fate of some of the other places around there. Also, Poki Poblano wasn’t long for this world (It was very good the one time I had it but also pretty expensive)

    Of course, it isn’t *just* from Poki Poki. For the Westside location, that building seems cursed (big time!). And for Comanche, parking is so ridiculously poorly planned that it alone could be the reason for all of the troubles. I know my family will absolutely avoid Poki Poki if we want to eat around any kind of main time. And with the Westside location closed, that really means we barely ever have it anymore.

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