Things are really heating up for Truth or Consequences Brewing Company

Truth or Consequences Brewing has continued to grow in the past year.

Truth or Consequences is the town that was incorporated as Hot Springs, New Mexico, before changing its name in 1950 as part of a radio contest hosted by the game show of the same name. TorC, as it is known, has become a fairly popular destination for people wanting a good soak in the geothermal water. Until a few years ago, there was no brewery in which the locals and tourists could congregate. In mid-2017, that all changed.

The brewery is within walking distance of more than 10 hot springs spa hotels. In addition, the brewery is a short distance from Elephant Butte Lake. It is now a great place for people in the area to get local craft beer and listen to live music. It’s also an easy stop off Interstate 25 at 410 N. Broadway, in the center of town for people passing through. I think it is just a perfect example of how a small town, main street-type of area can get a jump start from local craft beer.

There’s more equipment ready to be installed at TorC.

My first visit to the brewery was on a weekend during an overnight stay, and the place gets packed on weekends. This latest visit was a Friday morning when they first opened, so I had time to visit with staff prior to the lunch crowd starting to come in to partake of the food truck offerings. I find the staff to be very helpful and knowledgeable about the beers. They do have to dial in the water for their different beers; because, well, mineral water is great for your skin, but not so much for your beer. Despite that challenge, the flavors are spot on.

Although they are less than three years old, the beer has become very popular and they offer many styles to please any type of beer drinker. They have a 36-tap system. In fact, when I visited last month, I was able to try the most winter/holiday beers I have had this season in one place. Some were very hefty beers! On Black Friday, they did a massive release of 11 beers, some in bottles and some on tap. The Truth Serum Barley Wine from TorC that Stoutmeister tasted at a special tasting at Tractor Wells Park was one of his top picks for 2019. (It was really good. — S)

There are plenty of taps at the brewery, and another 10 will soon be pouring beers at the Las Cruces taproom when it opens later this month.

I asked about distribution and I was told the focus has been on supplying the taproom, as well as preparation for increased production for a second location in Las Cruces. However, all three local area wineries do offer their beer on tap (Shattuck, Black Range, and Point Blanc). Current production is approximately 400 barrels, up 30 percent from last year. Some new larger stainless tanks just recently arrived, and they are very excited to put them to good use.

Despite being fairly new, they are already about to open their first offsite taproom in Las Cruces (wow, Las Cruces is sure on a hot streak with breweries right now) at 2001 E. Lohman Avenue. In fact, the opening date is imminent sometime this month. A quick Google Maps search told me this is just a few blocks west of I-25 at the Lohman exit. This taproom will feature approximately 10 of their beers on tap.  So, whether you are in TorC to soak in the springs or (soon) in Las Cruces on a tour of all the new breweries, stop in and grab a pint from Truth or Consequences Brewing Company. Tell them hello from the Crew!


— AmyO

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