Picking a favorite among the random and wonderful beer names out there

Naming a hazy double IPA, You Can’t Park Here, might not make a lot of sense at first glance, but we tip our caps to the team at Gravity Bound for coming up with it.

About a week ago or so, a couple of us in the Crew were enjoying pints at a brewery, where the name of a new beer caught our eye. You Can’t Park Here is an apt name for a beer at any brewery, but in particular those in and near downtown.

The only question, of course, was what kind of beer gets named You Can’t Park Here? In the case of this Gravity Bound offering, it’s a hazy DIPA (naturally), but it still started us down a path of discussing some of our favorite current beer names that have nothing to do with the beer itself, but are still creative as can be.

With our next couple stories slightly delayed, we figured we might as well have a little fun on a Monday and see what is the best current season beer with a unique name. Here’s our little poll. Please leave comments if you feel we’ve left off any good ones. We are limiting this poll to one beer per brewery, and only doing the Albuquerque-area breweries, just to keep it from growing far too unwieldy. The rule is the name of the beer cannot have any part of the beer style, so for instance Choco Lux is not eligible.

Anyway, here is to us all surviving the rest of this week. The juniper pollen is high, and the March winds are coming. Good thing we can hunker down with our favorite beers at home, or inside our breweries (in limited numbers, but it’s better than nothing).

Keep supporting local!

— Stoutmeister

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tricia says:

    Excellent beers. The disappointing thing about the Bow & Arrow one is that they don’t serve queso!

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