Quarter Celtic Vandalized

Sometimes you just get bad news in the morning. Overnight, a group of individuals broke into Quarter Celtic Brew Pub on San Mateo and trashed the place. We in the Crew reached out to general manager Allison York for additional details regarding this terrible act.

Vandals threw a “small boulder” through the brewery window.

Allison wrote, “So what happened is they threw a small boulder through our brewery window, and then threw a microwave through our office window so they could cut the alarm. They also cut our internet and (point-of-sale) system. Then they trashed the place. As far as we know they didn’t take anything major, but the damage is probably about $10k all said and done. They topped it off by breaking a case of Chardonnay bottles in our walk-in freezer and trying to make off with an entire uncooked corned beef, some carrots and a couple bottles of wine. They caught one of the guys but it sounds like a couple got away. No one was hurt and the beer and brewery equipment were unharmed.”

The office was not spared wanton destruction.

This kind of brazen attack on a business is absolutely abhorrent, it brings the blood to boil and conjures up thoughts that one doesn’t like to have very often. We hope that those responsible for this act of pure destruction and stupidity will come to justice, and in the meantime, we urge you to show some support for Quarter Celtic by visiting their taproom at 1930 Juan Tabo Blvd. We will of course keep you all up to date on the status of the main brewpub location (closed at present while the damage is cleaned up and necessary repairs are made) and any further details as they emerge.

Franz Solo.

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