B2B Garden Brewery Struck By Thieves

The aftermath of another large rock. Photo provided by B2B

In the wake of last week’s brazen theft and vandalism at Quarter Celtic, I was contacted by Alicia Stelzer, the manager of B2B Garden Brewery about a disturbingly similar incident, which occurred on the same night as the Quarter Celtic break-in. Per what Alicia shared with me, the thieves threw a large rock through their glass side door and made off with hundreds of dollars from their cash drawer. The door itself was over a thousand dollar repair and as Alicia put it, “we are a small business, so that may not seem like that much, but during these trying times, we are already struggling and that hurt us.”

A thousand dollar mess. Photo provided by B2B

In addition to the material cost of repairs, these types of incidents certainly take their toll on the staff who must still come to work wondering if something like this might happen again. Let us hope that those responsible will be brought to justice, and that no further break ins of this kind will hurt our local breweries. B2B are hosting their Oktoberfiesta this Sunday from 12-8 p.m. so put on your traditional Oktoberfest garb and give them some support, they would certainly appreciate it. Until next time, support local, and stay safe out there.


Franz Solo

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