Gravity Bound Brewing deepens their roots in the Albuquerque community

Gravity Bound has become a fixture in the Albuquerque beer scene. (Photos courtesy of GBB)

Even though they are still a few months shy of their second anniversary, Gravity Bound Brewing has already made a noticeable impact on the New Mexico beer scene, as well as the community around us. We checked in with co-owner/head brewer Cameron Frigon over email to see what they’ve been up to, and have planned going forward for the latest entry in our annual Look Back/Look Ahead Series.

“We made a ton of new connections and friends this past year! Partnering with other small businesses like Sunday Bagels for their Sunday morning pop-ups (those are still happening and have been a hit),” Frigon wrote. “We loved holding fundraisers for the Downtown Grower’s Market 25th Anniversary and the Okra Ground Down supporting Not Our Farm.”

Sunday ABQ serving up deliciousness on bagel and beer Sundays

Becoming a household name within their first two years of existence hasn’t come without its challenges for Gravity Bound. Even after ordering a new 10-barrel fermenter that took forever to arrive in 2021, the beers were moving too quickly for Frigon and his staff to keep up.

“One of the problems that we had in 2021 was (not) having enough different beers on tap,” he wrote. “Every other week, it felt like we would be sitting at around four offerings, a number that is a little too low for my liking.”  

But, they found a creative collaboration that will allow them to produce more of their fan favorites in bulk.

“So this year, I’m going to be brewing a lot of my lagers over at The Craftroom” Frigon wrote. “They have a 20-barrel (brewhouse) and some extra capacity, so it’s a pretty good partnership for us. You gotta let the lagers lager, and doing that was bottle-necking us pretty hard. But now, I expect we’ll have at least seven or eight offerings on tap all the time, including at least three different lagers beginning in March.”

With the addition of a canning line to their downtown Albuquerque facility, Gravity Bound has also made it easier for us to enjoy their plentiful offerings at home.

Two of the most recent custom can designs.

“We wanted to make sure that people who didn’t feel comfortable sitting at a brewery are still able to enjoy our beer, so we bought a canning machine,” Frigon wrote.

They have 10 canned beers under their belt now, each with a unique label created via (yet another) local collaboration with artist Molly Mendenhall at Four Moons Art Farm. If her designs look familiar, she is also the resident muralist at GBB.

With their focus on sustainability and supporting other local merchants, Gravity Bound will surely have plenty of exciting (and delicious) initiatives in store through 2022. We’re here for it, and you should be, too.

May the beer be with you, always. 

— Erin

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