The Crew needs a little help this year to cover the Great American Beer Festival

These two classy individuals would really like to cover the upcoming GABF, but need a monetary boost.

UPDATE: Holy cow, you all have left us stunned by your generosity! In less than three hours we hit our goal for the trip. For those who donated, thank you so much. This beer community is unbelievable in all the best ways! We’ve got a trip to plan out, but we will be raising our pints high to all of you in between now and October. And then, again in October in Denver!

Man, it is expensive out there. Gas prices are going up again, hotel prices are still high, food prices are up, and all we want to do is travel.

Specifically, we want to travel to the Great American Beer Festival in October to provide New Mexico’s brewery fans with the best possible in-person coverage of the annual awards ceremony and more. Erin and I, Stoutmeister, have been approved for press passes, but since she just bought a house, and I currently lack a full-time job, paying for our trip north is looking impossible.

So, we did the thing that many people do in this situation. We started a GoFundMe page.

In the past, readers have told us that they might be willing to help us out a little here and there with some monetary donations, even just as a thank you for all the free coverage we have provided for the last 10 years. Well, we need that help now, so if you are not in a similar financial state as we are, please consider donating at least a little money so we don’t have to beg any brewery staffs for an extra couch or floor space to unfurl a sleeping bag.

Got any specific questions or concerns about all of this? Email us at or send us a direct message on social media.

A big thanks in advance to anyone who can donate. Any small amount helps.

Keep supporting local!

— Stoutmeister

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