Tractor passes penultimate hurdle

Posted: April 12, 2012 by cjax33 in News
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Tractor Brewing took another big step toward being able to sell growlers again after the Environmental Planning Commission approved an amendment to the Nob Hill zoning plan Thursday afternoon.

Soon you may be able to take Tractor's Mustachio Milk Stout home!

The EPC voted unanimously in favor of altering the Nob Hill Highland Sector Redevelopment Plan as there was no public opposition during the meeting. The key was altering the text to allow businesses to sell “locally-produced beer and wine for off-premises consumption.” This means any establishment that brews its own beer or makes its own wine, as per the state liquor-licensing laws, is eligible to now sell that product for people to take home, whether it’s growlers or any other item.

The next and final step will be for the Albuquerque City Council to vote on the amendment, which could happen as early as June 2. Considering how the political process tends to work in ABQ, along with just about every other municipality in the country, it is optimistic to think that Tractor will at least have growler-selling capability by the July 4 holiday.

The only minor issues that the EPC had dealt with the wording in the amendment in regard to the phrase “locally-produced beer and wine,” but this was eventually cleared up as it was pointed out that a specific type of liquor license was already necessary from the State of New Mexico to even enable an establishment to sell its alcohol products in take-home form.

If the amendment passes the Council it will benefit not just Tractor but Kelly’s and Il Vicino’s Nob Hill location, both of which would then be able to refill/sell growlers.

As more updates on the ongoing process become available, the NMDSBC will provide them.

For now, raise a pint to celebrate a victory for Tractor, local business, and beer lovers everywhere!


— Stoutmeister

  1. This makes me very happy! But I wonder if the phrase “locally-produced beer and wine for off-premises consumption” is so broad that it would allow the restaurants that have a beer and wine license to sell NM brews to go. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)
    In the meantime, let’s raise a glass to reason and another to the EPC.

    • cjax33 says:

      It’s based on the type of liquor license a place is granted. So Zinc or Nob Hill Bar & Grill (as examples) do not have the same license as Tractor/Il Vicino/Kelly’s. As much as one of those places might like to sell you a growler of Marble or whatever they have on tap, they are not allowed to sell growlers due to the nature of their license, not the sector zoning laws. So no, you cannot get your La Cumbre growler filled at Two Fools if this amendment passes. You’ll still have to drive to LC itself. Life is tough, huh?

  2. Helmingstay says:

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. Does anyone have a link to info on the liqour license details? I’ve wondered about this for a while…

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