Hump Day at Chama River

Posted: August 22, 2012 by Shilling in Brewery Reviews
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Shilling here. School is back in session and what better way to relax after a day of hitting the books than drinking a beer?

Stoutmeister and I decided to meet up to discuss our “plan of attack” for Hopfest (well, we were really just mostly trying to figure out how to get from the NE Heights to the Hard Rock; Rail Runner, here we come). Stoutmeister picked the brewery he had not been to in the longest: Chama River. Chama currently has four seasonal brews on tap right now that are worth drinking.

Chama’s August lineup of seasonals (from left): The Big LeBrewski, Liquid Schwarz, Hopricot and Noble Session Ale.

The Noble Session Ale: The Noble is a light, pale ale that has crisp flavor with a slight bite at the end. I thought it was OK; Stoutmeister did not like it that much.

The Hopricot Pale Ale: Unlike the apricot wheat at Broken Bottle, the is the opposite on the spectrum of bitter-to-sweet. Now, that is not to say that this beer is bitter, it’s just the hops are very prevalent in the first sip, then the crisp, sweet apricot flavor hits followed by a mellow, pale ale finish.

Liquid Schwarz: All “Spaceballs” gags aside, I left this one’s review to Stoutmeister: “It’s a solid version of the German schwarzbier. It’s dark in color but lighter in taste, with a slight sweetness that you might find in a brown ale rather than it’s similar-looking cousins, the stout and porter. It’s smooth and easy-drinking, good for the late summer. Give this to people who don’t like dark beers and use it to start changing their minds about the genre.”

The Big LeBrewski: Now, I don’t know if I’m really one to critique an IPA since I am not a normal IPA drinker. Although, unlike the other double IPAs that I have had, this one is the easiest to drink without burping up a pine tree. I would like to get some readers’ opinions on this one.

That’s all from Chama for now. We’ll try to stop by more often when new seasonals are introduced.

Stoutmeister and E-Rock will be at Marble tonight to see The Lonesome Heroes, an Austin-based band that E-Rock is friends with, perform while also checking out the beers there if any are new.

Until we all gather at Hopfest on Saturday …


— Shilling

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