ABQ Beer Week: Dining with the Lips of Faith at Geckos

Posted: April 29, 2013 by cjax33 in ABQ Beer Week 2013
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Stoutmeister here. We still have to create a log-in for Derek (that’s your new homework assignment, Shilling!), so until then I’ll just be presenting his stories like this.

Anyway, Derek went to Geckos on Academy on Sunday night to try the New Belgium Lips of Faith Series that is being paired with Tapas dishes every night of ABQ Beer Week. This special offer is available at the Geckos in Nob Hill as well.

Oh, and Derek has come up with a “clever” pen name, a la mine and Shiling’s and E-Rock’s and Franz Solo’s. Maybe this will inspire Brandon, too.

On with the show …

New Belgium's Lips of Faith Cherry Coffee Red pairs up nicely with Geckos' BBQ ribs.

New Belgium’s Lips of Faith Cherry Coffee Red pairs up nicely with Geckos’ BBQ ribs.

Lips of Faith Cherry coffee red by New Belgium. Paired with cherry glazed sweet BBQ ribs tapas at Geckos.

It had a nice caramel smell and reflects a bold amber or red in color. Initial taste is of a nice, hoppy, red ale. Leaves you with a slight bitter taste at the end, but the body of it was very appealing for a red.

Coffee Cherries are definitely evident with a sweet tart middle to each sip. Coffee comes from fruit and the coffee cherry is a stage of the bean before full maturity, but still available to pick. The coffee cherry most resembles a cherry at that stage but tastes of a combination of cherry, hibiscus (which in particular I find appealing in a red ale) and some light watermelon-ish tones.

The ribs that were paired with it were a perfect, fall-off-the-bone tender. The BBQ sauce infused with sweet cherries really was a perfect accompaniment, because the cherry was so subtle. Eat a little and taking a sip ended up being a match made in heaven.

It’s 10-percent ABV so it does creep up on you without being overpowering. It mainly will appeal to fans of red ales all around.


— Porter Pounder


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