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Posted: August 23, 2013 by cjax33 in Random Stuff
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Happy Friday, beer lovers. Stoutmeister here with one of those posts where I write about a bunch of stuff that we hope to write in the future. Yeah, it’s kind of lazy, but it’s what we’ve got right now.

Stoutmeister finds events like the IPA Challenge are great for generating new story ideas. And, you know, drinking beer.

Stoutmeister finds events like the IPA Challenge are great for generating new story ideas. And, you know, drinking lots of good beer.

There is always that period of post-event exhaustion. Now, the IPA Challenge did not wear us out anywhere near as much as ABQ Beer Week did back in April-May, but for a bunch of guys who are happy with two-three stories per week, it was a sudden burst of activity on our parts. OK, mostly mine, but there’s (as always) a reason for that. August is a month that tends to be awfully busy, less for beer events but more for other events. I’m wrapping up Isotopes coverage for the season, Shilling and Brandon are gearing up for the fall semester as they work on their classes to get those degrees that will hopefully help them get better jobs than the ones they have now. Oh, yeah, and speaking of jobs E-Rock got one, Franz Solo still has one (weird, always-changing hours included), while Porter Pounder and I are still searching. Nonetheless, it has all combined to compromise our beer-drinking time.

Have no fear, though, we still have some ideas for the days/weeks/months ahead as we close out 2013 with a bang. Here are some of the things we hope to be writing on between now and the next two major beer festivals (NM Brew Fest on Oct. 5, Hopfest on Oct. 26).

The great wild hop harvest: New Mexico is filled with lots of vegetation for a desert state, and yes, that even includes hops growing in the wild. We’re hoping to set out with members from a local brewery and harvest some of these wild hops, which will then go into a special beer (the ultimate local brew, when you think about it) that will be released later in the year. All the details are still being hashed out, so when we know more, we will share it all.

Beer on film: Assuming we can get him out of his cave and the 32,000 DVDs he has to keep himself entertained, we’re planning on having Porter Pounder (who works on movie crews in NM) do an actual film about the genesis and production of a single beer at a local brewery. As always, we just have to find the time to do this and work it out with a brewery. When it’s all edited and ready for public viewing we’ll have it set up on YouTube. We just hope to make it a lot more entertaining and not just something you would have watched as an educational video in school (not that schools want to show teenagers how beer is made, but you get the point; boring is bad).

Another new brewery: The Stumbling Steer, a western-themed restaurant, will also be brewing its own beer over in the old Quarters location on the west side. We will have extensive coverage, or as extensive as we can get, when this latest brewery endeavor opens its doors.

Bosque brewer Gabe Jensen should soon have more time to enjoy beer as his brewery expands its operations.

Bosque brewer Gabe Jensen should soon have more time to enjoy beer as his brewery expands its operations.

Bosque’s getting bigger: Our pals over at Bosque Brewing will soon be expanding their operations as they take over the former Subway location next door. They will expand and upgrade their brewing system, which should save head brewer Gabe Jensen from having his hair turn gray or fall out to keep up with the demand of a thirsty public. Bosque is also starting distribution, with places like Two Fools now serving their beers.

The great Santa Fe road trip, part one: The Crew, together with the ABQ Craft Beer Drinkers Group and Babes in Brewland, are trying to work out a day to collectively visit Duel Brewing and do a group review of Santa Fe’s newest brewery. This way we can also keep Franz Solo from hanging that whole “I’m the only one who has been there” over our heads.

The great Santa Fe road trip, part two: Yeah, so Blue Corn has emerged (or re-emerged) as a powerhouse brewery in the last few months. John Bullard is racking up the honors, medals, and trophies and it’s high time we went up there to figure out just how he is concocting such excellent beers in a place that’s more about selling food than brews. We will of course figure this out by drinking a lot of John’s beer, so it will have to be on a separate visit than our trip to Duel. Our livers won’t survive both.

Website upgrades: We’ve been talking forever about making this site more user-friendly and interactive. Hopefully we can get the ball rolling on that sooner rather than later.

Regular features: Assuming I can ever pull everyone together for a meeting we’ll start talking about how to establish some weekly/bi-weekly/monthly features people can always look forward to in a similar fashion to The Week Ahead in Beer. Whether we resurrect the Saturday Night Sixer, Beer Roundup, Star of the Season, or figure out something new, I would like to have some consistent stuff rather than be so sporadic around here.

Battle of the Oktoberfests: We only did one mini-beer battle this spring with Irish Reds, so we are long overdue for another. With Santa Fe’s Oktoberfest already out, and certainly more Marzen-style beers on the way, we might just have to find a day to gather and compare the best NM has to offer in this classic German style.

Porter Pounder takes a closer look at an original Brew Crew beer. We'll be taking samples of our Belgian Quad, The Four Horsemen, to try with the gang at Il Vicino.

Porter Pounder takes a closer look at an original Brew Crew beer. We’ll be taking samples of our Belgian Quad, The Four Horsemen, to try with the gang at Il Vicino.

The Four Horsemen cometh: The brutally big Belgian Quad we brewed at Porter Pounder’s old house is nearing its proper aging date. We could tell you all how much we love our own beer, but instead we will let the experts give it a try. When The Four Horsemen is ready, we’ll be taking some bottles over to Il Vicino to let Brady and his team of mad scientists at the Canteen try it with us.

And all the wild card stories: As much as we would like to schedule stuff in advance, breaking beer news can happen at any time. A recent notice in Nob Hill has us a bit worried about Tractor’s status there. Despite drawing huge crowds, it seems the NIMBY’s are up to no good and threatening the tap room’s future. We will be all over that if things start to develop one way or the other. And if any other major stories break (new breweries, new special beers, developing trends, meddling politicians, etc.) we will be all over that as well. As usual, we can’t be everywhere at once, so if you hear of some beer news you think the world needs to know, leave us a message here, on Facebook, Twitter, or email (

That’s all I could think of for now. I’m sure I’ll remember another 20 story ideas when tonight’s Topes game starts dragging along amid a dozen mid-game pitching changes (during which I’ll be blasting some random metal song to avoid listening to Sweet Caroline for the umpteenth time).

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.


— Stoutmeister


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