An homage in beer: Stone’s tribute to a fallen friend

Posted: February 7, 2014 by Franz Solo in Beer-to-go, Uncategorized

Looking for a unique beer to take home this weekend? Franz Solo found one that truly fits the bill.

I recently sampled the first beer I’ve ever tried that was a tribute to a fallen brewer at Stone, Matt’s Burning Rosids. This is a little weird, a recipe from the mind of a man just recently departed from the realm of the living, but with a message of celebration and a tribute to Matt Courtright’s laughter. On the nose you get hints of rose blossoms and a typical Belgian slant, but on a second sample, a sweet odor of smoke can be perceived even if it is just a hint.

Stone's newest offering celebrates the life of a brewer whose life ended far too soon.

Stone’s newest offering celebrates the life of a brewer whose life ended far too soon.

Flavor-wise it is threefold: first the Belgian character, then a hint of peaty smoke not unlike our local Sasquatch Scotch, and finally cherries and banana punctuate the offering. In color it is pure gold, like a good scotch or whiskey. In mouthfeel it hits mid-tongue and then washes back very smooth with a long, flavorful fade. The finish is wonderful; the flavor goes to the very back of the throat an lingers like a good Cabernet.

On the whole, I love this beer start to finish. It is utterly original, masterfully crafted, and most importantly delicious. For those (and there are a few) who may shy away from the saison genre as a whole, I would urge you to try this one despite your misgivings. You will not be disappointed! So let us raise our glass to Matt, and enjoy a bomber in his honor. It was a tragic end for him, indeed, but his legacy to us rouses our senses to a cheerful visage and most importantly (if we be in good company), laughter. R.I.P., Matt.


— Franz Solo

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