Sometimes Punishment is simply divine

Editor’s note: Franz Solo actually wrote this one a while back, but it got lost in the shuffle of a busy week. Nonetheless, much like the beer itself, a good review is timeless.

On a whim, I cracked open this terror of the meek after a rather dull Thursday and wowza, what a hellish treat was I in for. The aroma of Punishment is similar to Crime; dank, sweet, buttery, and spicy. This is a somewhat darker and sinister brother to Crime. Sweet pepper comes at the front, melting into darker bourbon and buttered popcorn flavors in the middle. The finish burns like hell and it is oh so good, like eating serrano salsa with good green chile and habaneros.

"Am I evil? Yes I am!"
“Am I evil? Yes I am!”

The addition of bourbon is a home run in my book. I could easily sip on this beer on a patio enjoying a cigar and the veritable ton of endorphins brought out by so many wonderful chiles. I would pair this beer with a bowl of posolé or carne adovada for maximum effect. It is quite apropos that I enjoyed this bomber after last night’s 2013 Double Bastard; if there was ever a beer worthy of so much fire and spice this beer lives up to the task and stands strong.

I give this one a slight edge over Crime if only that I can still clearly taste the delight that is Double Bastard under so much chile! I rated this five stars on Untappd for being outrageously strong in spice and flavor with a wonderful finish for any who love to eat fire and drink ludicrously intense ales.

This may even prompt a vision quest like Homer’s where I find the coyote of truth on some whacked-out mountain in the middle of the desert, but only time can say. So drink up and be merry! Drink this luscious flame of a beer and despair, for tomorrow assuredly brings punishment, but not for the brave! It is my sincere hope to see more incarnations of this devilish pair in Crime and Punishment, a truly unique experience in the realm of outrageous and outstanding beers!


— Franz Solo


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