Bosque’s new brewhouse moving ever closer to activation

Posted: April 3, 2014 by cjax33 in Interviews, News

The other day I mentioned to the rest of the Brew Crew that Bosque’s new brewhouse was close to being fully operational. E-Rock naturally replied with “It’s a trap!” proving that once again we are all giant nerds in this group. Anyway, all Return of the Jedi jokes aside, I decided to head over to Bosque this afternoon (Thursday) to check on the progress of the brewhouse and chat with owner/brewer/hard-working dude Gabe Jensen.

Bosque's Gabe Jensen gives you a good idea of how big (and awesome) his new 30-barrel fermenters are. And how cool the new Bosque T-shirts are, too.

Bosque’s Gabe Jensen gives you a good idea of how big (and awesome) his new 30-barrel fermenters are. And how cool the new Bosque T-shirts are, too.

After tasting head brewer John Bullard’s new hefeweizen, The Last Straw (it’s on Untappd now, I added it, no need to panic, you badge-addicted fools), we walked from the taproom next door to get the full status update. Most of Bosque’s equipment is in place, with only a few items still yet to arrive. Once everything is in the brewhouse, final construction/assembly will begin.

“I’m hoping we’re brewing in a month, but I’ve been saying that every month for the last three months,” Gabe said. “But a lot of things are on the way. The chiller, I just got confirmation they’re sending that I think (Friday). Platforms should be sent out within the next week. Glycol plumbing will be in next week, I got all that (coming). The walk-in cooler is supposed to be delivered Monday or Tuesday.”

Bosque does have a current walk-in cooler in place, but the new one will have dimensions of about 25 feet long, 11 feet wide and 10 feet tall. The old one will eventually be moved out of the brewhouse and into Bosque’s taproom that will open in Nob Hill. The hope is that the second location will open sometime this summer, but much more work has to be done, so no firm dates have been attached as of yet. Gabe and some of the other Bosque owners were actually headed downtown Thursday night for a hearing with the city in regards to making sure they can fill and sell growlers out of the Nob Hill taproom

All the wonderful new equipment ready for use at Bosque.

All the wonderful new equipment ready for use at Bosque.

Gabe said the final production goal will be “3,000 barrels a year, we hope.

“Not necessarily in the first year,” he added. “But I hope to be up to that capacity by December. I won’t sell 3,000 by December, but to sell 3,000 in the first full 12 months is the goal.”

The towering new trio of 30-barrel fermenters that dominate the room indicate that goal could easily become a reality. The good news is that the Bosque staff and their landlord are so far in sync about everything, which should speed up and simplify the process once all the equipment is in place.

In addition to all of that, Bosque has a couple of whiskey barrels in the back that were sent over by the good folks at Jubilation. The beer has not been added yet, and we cannot reveal what specific beer it will be as a final decision has not been made (it will be one of their best sellers), but when it’s ready to go we will share the news.

Gabe also said he is looking forward to 2015 with all the new and extended hop contracts Bosque has signed.

The new brewing system is almost ready for use.

The new brewing system is almost ready for use.

“I don’t have everything I want until January, but come January we’ll have everything but Citra,” he said. “And I’m on the waiting list, (so) I think I may get some Citra. But I’ve got Mosaic, I’ve got El Dorado, I’ve got a lot of Amarillo, a ton of that.”

Something tells us the future SMASH (single malt and single hop) beers from John are going to be exceptional.

All in all, it was a quick visit, but a good one. Bosque has many good things coming for beer lovers here in Albuquerque and points beyond. Head over now for John’s new hefe, or the Citra SMASH if you have not had it yet, or the Bosque’s Burnin’ red rye, or just any of their beers. They are all worth the visit and many return visits afterward.

* * * *

As for the Crew, look for our overdue explanation Friday of just what the heck we are doing brewing a beer over at Tractor. Hint: it’s ABQ Beer Week-related. While we’re there we will snap a bunch of photos of Tractor’s now operational brewhouse at Wells Park.

Brewing is getting bigger and better throughout the metro area. Tis a good time to be a beer lover here!


— Stoutmeister


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