The Crew gets to brew at Tractor for ABQ Beer Week

Posted: April 4, 2014 by cjax33 in ABQ Beer Week 2014, Events, News
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We have been teasing everyone for a while now with hints that we are getting to brew a beer over at Tractor. None of us have ever said why, so with brewing set to commence in about 16 hours or so, I get to be the one to fill in the details.

The Crew will be brewing on Tractor's pilot system back in the Wells Park brewhouse this weekend.

The Crew will be brewing on Tractor’s pilot system back in the Wells Park brewhouse this weekend.

So last year during ABQ Beer Week we, plus the Babes in Brewland and ABQ Craft Beer Drinkers, were part of a beer groups meet-and-greet at Marble. The only problem was no one really showed up to say hello, and half of those folks that did were already followers of one or more of our groups or somebody’s friend. Rather than repeat this and hope for the best, this year the Beer Week powers that be, plus Tractor mastermind Skye Devore, came up with an alternative.

You — yes, you, gentle reader — can still come meet all our groups, plus the Dukes of Ale and maybe the Warthogs (their home-brewing counterparts from Rio Rancho) on Thursday, May 22, but this time we will have the added bonus of beer! As in our beer, made by us using Tractor’s pilot brewing system. Each group is going to take a day this month to brew up around 20 gallons of our own recipe, with Tractor providing the ingredients, advice, and a little oversight by brewer David Hargis and his staff. When you arrive at Wells Park in May, each group will have a table set up with free samples of our beers. You can come by, try what each of our groups made (the plan was for everybody to make a different style) and let us know how we did. Plus, we can all talk about whatever else. If you have some story ideas for the Crew, or have suggestions for improving our site or its content, feel free to share.

Back on the day a few weeks ago when Skye brought everyone together to discuss our plans, pretty much every other beer group rep look at me and said “so you guys are doing a dark beer, right?” It would be kind of silly for us to brew a pilsner or a witbier, now wouldn’t it? So yes, we have concocted a recipe for a sweet stout and worked out our ingredients list with David. Since stouts take a little longer than most beers to age, the Crew gets to be the first to brew, starting bright and early (for us, anyway) at 8:30 a.m. this Saturday. We will likely have lots of pictures and updates on Facebook and Twitter as the day goes along. Brandon and Porter Pounder are our most experienced home brewers in the group, so E-Rock and I will just be helping out as needed, or just standing around and taking pics with our cell phones while cracking dumb jokes. And of course, drinking lots of coffee. I mean lots. We’re basically nocturnal.

We are not promising the second coming of Left Hand’s Milk Stout or anything like that, but we do hope folks come down to Wells Park on May 22 and try our beer, as well as the other groups’ beers, and let all of us know what you think. In all, this promises to be a fun event to kick off the best week of the year.

Until then, gotta get some sleep. Right after covering the Lobo baseball game. And after Mrs. Solo’s birthday bash (part two). And after hopefully getting in a short recap of the Isotopes’ doubleheader on the road. Did I mention before about lots of coffee? I’m talking a gallon at this point. Maybe two.


— Stoutmeister


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