Father Nelson: Destroyer of Worlds

Posted: May 6, 2014 by Franz Solo in Beer-to-go, Uncategorized

Editor’s note: We have been informed that La Cumbre and area liquor stores are running very low on bombers of Father Nelson, so hurry up and get yours before it’s all gone. — Stoutmeister

My first taste of this wonderful ode to the glories of hops came on the day of its release, and I was so impressed that I took home a bomber as well for further tasting and analysis. My bomber was filled on April 17, a mere four days before consumption. As such it was fresh as hell and wondrous.

Destroyer of Worlds indeed!

A destroyer of worlds indeed!

To say that Father Nelson is a marvel of stupendously hoppy proportions would be a disservice to what is one hell of an IPA. Father Nelson is a worthy companion to the award-winning Project Dank and I would also put it up against the best IPAs in the land. The flavor is unique, with a multitude of glorious layers. I would call this the pineapple king of IPAs, tropical and smooth and as fresh as can be. There are layers of orange, grapefruit, and lemon, with hints of coconut and piñon as well.

Father Nelson is pure liquid gold like its color and I would say that it is a true nectar of gods and heroes, mighty in breadth and as delicious as well. Prior to trying this wonderful beer I was unaware of the Nelson Sauvin hop from New Zealand, which is described as offering flavors of passion fruit, white wine, and grapefruit among other flavors. I simply must seek out more beers containing this particular hop as it is quite delicious.

I rated Father Nelson a five out of five on Untappd. It is a true masterpiece of ludicrous hop proportions! This beer would go particularly well with some red chile ribs or spicy enchiladas. So I advise you, dear readers, to grab a glass or a bomber of this glorious brew while it lasts. If you love IPA, you will adore this beer to the last drop!


— Franz Solo

  1. Indeed, Nelson hops parallel the country’s pungent Sauvignon Blanc wines – gooseberry. Other NZ hops gaining brewer interest can conjure lemons and limes (Motueka) or orange-marmalade (Riwaka). For the NZ Sauvie lover, here’s a beer for you!

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