ABQ Beer Week 2015: Head on over to the Chama River Plum Goodness release party

Yet another special release for ABQ Beer Week brings us back to Chama, where the 505-2015 Session IPA was brewed. This time the release is all their own, Plum Goodness, a soured saison with Italian plums.
Photo courtesy Chama River Brewing co. Facebook page.
Photo courtesy Chama River Facebook page.
This is the second release in a saison series of four (The Summer of Saison), starting with the Lemon Jester. Each will be a somewhat different style. This beer has been kettle-soured — this involves adding the souring bacteria in the kettle to keep it from infecting the rest of the brewery; once the target pH is reached the temperature is raised to kill the bacteria before the regular fermentation is undertaken. After that was complete the beer was transferred to the conditioning tank with Italian plum purée to marry with the fruit. The sourness is nicely balanced with the sweet, sharp fruit, the plums giving it a pleasant pink blush.
The release party gets started today (Thursday) at 5 p.m. Brewer Zach Guilmette will give a 15- to 20-minute talk on this beer, his approach on how this was brewed, and take any questions on the new beer. There will be complimentary appetizers available to pair with the beer. This will be repeated at 5:30 p.m., with some live music at 6 p.m.
Further along in the saison series is going to be a sage saison. This beer has a traditional saison malt makeup; the other beers in the series are embracing the idea that farmers would use whatever grains and adjuncts they had to hand. The final member will be a super saison aged in red wine barrels, expected to be ready around August. Other things to look forward to from Chama include a gluten reduced take on their Amber ale some time down the road.
— Adam

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