Bosque bottles up the Scale Tipper goodness for the benefit of us all

Posted: July 1, 2015 by cjax33 in Events, IPA Challenge 2015, News
We have no shame when it comes to stealing awesome fliers from breweries' Facebook pages.

We have no shame when it comes to stealing awesome fliers from breweries’ Facebook pages.

In case you have missed it, but judging by the social response you have not, Bosque Brewing is putting their award-winning Scale Tipper IPA into bombers and releasing it with a big old party at the Nob Hill Public House on Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m.

So what does this release party entail? Well, you get a chance to do what we do, which is meet the brewer. John Bullard will be on hand to answer your questions about the Scale Tipper brewing process. You can purchase 13-ounce glasses of Scale Tipper for $6, or you can get it to go in bombers for $12, with a limit of two bombers per customer per day. Bosque anticipates it will sell out fast, so do not wait too long. For the first 25 customers who choose the option (not just the first 25 through the door), you can also buy a bomber and a Scale Tipper T-shirt for $25. You can look as stylish as the Bosque staff … well, I mean, you can wear the same shirt. It’s hard to top that level of suave.

Beyond the beer, there will also be some serious food dishes prepared by the kitchen staff. It is all tapas/appetizer style. You can get Burger Sliders with bleu cheese and house-made pickles; Street Tacos with slow-cooked pork, red cabbage, and apple slaw on avocado crema; Curried Lamb on naan bread with mango chutney; and dessert will be a flourless chocolate ginger torte.

Behold the glory of the last batch of Scale Tipper, the reigning National and New Mexico IPA Challenge champion!

Behold the glory of the last batch of Scale Tipper, the reigning National and New Mexico IPA Challenge champion!

To get to the bottom of why Bosque would brew up this sort of event — besides the fact they are awesome — I sat down with co-owner Jotham Michnovicz to go over the finer details.

NMDSBC: So what in the world persuaded you guys to take one of the most expensive beers you make and put it in bottles, put it on tap, and throw a party for it?

Jotham: Scale Tipper is like our pride and joy right now. We like to put it on whenever we have it available. We don’t have enough hops to do it the rest of the year, but we just got a new bottling line. The whole idea behind the bottling line is to do limited release beers and get it in the hands of people, but not something we have to do on a regular basis. It just made sense to do it in bombers this time around.

NMDSBC: This is the month of hops. With the IPA Challenge and all coming up, do you guys feel like you’re the unofficial kickoff to hop season?

Jotham: I honestly really haven’t even thought about it. We just put it out because the IPA Challenge is coming up and we’re getting ready for that. This is perfect timing. Actually, I’ve been talking to some of the other brewers around town and there are going to be some epic beers in this year’s competition. I think I was talking to Tim (Woodward) over at Turtle Mountain (on Tuesday) and we were joking that this is going to be the most expensive IPA Challenge to date. He said he thinks the average hops-per-barrel is somewhere around eight (pounds) of hops per barrel for the competition.

NMDSBC: Well, Blue Corn did 60 pounds of hops in their five-barrel system, so that’s 12 pounds per barrel, so yeah, that sounds about right. … Because of Scale Tipper’s success, winning the IPA Challenge here (in New Mexico) last year and winning the National IPA Challenge this year, when you guys did the last batch it sold out so fast, is that part of the inspiration where you want to capitalize on that success and do all of this?

Jotham: It really has everything to do with timing. We just got (the bottling line) in. This is the first big beer we’re doing, so with the IPA Challenge it just made sense to do this. We obviously love the success of Scale Tipper and it’s something we’d like to get out in front of people more often. Next year when our hop contracts kick in we’ll be able to do it more often. But for the time being we’re going to celebrate its scarcity.

NMDSBC: A lot of big breweries will do that, release a special beer once or twice a year only. It makes it a little more special and exclusive. Are you guys picking up on a lot of excitement for this event through social media and the like?

Jotham: Yeah, a lot of people are tagging their friends in their posts, saying let’s go down to Nob Hill for the release, sharing the menu and everything. It seems like people are getting really excited. People are coming out of the woodwork. I’m getting text messages from people I don’t hear from very often. “Hey, can I get some Scale Tipper?”

NMDSBC: Are a lot of people trying to cash in favors? Save me a bottle and all that?

Jotham: Oh, yeah, all the time.

NMDSBC: With everyone else you guys are doing tomorrow, you’re definitely turning this into a major event, is this something you can see yourselves doing for future releases? Have the special food dishes, bring John out to meet people, and so on?

Jotham: Yeah, we don’t do a great job with beer releases. It’s something we’re trying to do a better job with. It’s kind of the first of its kind. Especially with the specialty beers, we’re likely to do something kind of fun. It gives our kitchen guys to play with a lot of fun recipes, too. We get to pair the beers with specific appetizers at that time. It also gives us an opportunity to just drive excitement for the different pubs. This time we’re focusing on Nob Hill whereas other times we might focus on San Mateo. Hopefully something in Las Cruces eventually, too.

NMDSBC: So after (Thursday) night, are the bombers only going to be on sale at Nob Hill or will they be on sale at the other locations?

Jotham: After (Thursday) night the bombers and tap will be available at all taprooms. (Thursday) night Nob Hill will be the only place with on tap and in bombers.

NMDSBC: This is probably more a question for John, but how would you characterize this batch versus last year’s? Is it any different, bigger, meaner, or just stupidly good like last time?

Jotham: Yeah, it’s change a little bit. It’s an aggressive beer. That’s what we love about IPAs for the IPA Challenge, right? But there’s still a nice balance to it; it’s still a highly drinkable beer even though the hops are so pronounced. What I love about it is the nose. It’s got this big, fruity nose. Right when you smell it, I think that’s one of the things that sets it apart. I think that’s what makes it unique to Scale Tipper is that it’s got a big, fruity nose.

NMDSBC: I would say over the years, the hop interests of the public have changed. About five years ago it was just the biggest, meanest hop bomb you could get, the one you could smell from three tables away. Now it has changed. Do you think people’s tastes have changed or is it something else?

Jotham: I think a lot of people have access to a bunch of proprietary hops now. I shouldn’t say everybody, actually, but proprietary hops are in high demand. So people are really trying to use those things to differentiate their beers. I think you’re right that palates change. This New Mexico IPA category is constantly evolving. But what’s happening right now is a lot of these proprietary hops that are out have big fruit characteristics that aren’t necessarily citrus. They create really fun flavors. I think that’s what makes this style of IPA so exciting. Citrus IPAs have been around for a long time and they’re excellent. Piney, dank IPAs have been around for a long time and that’s great. But this whole tropical fruit sort of idea, I feel like it’s kind of a new frontier of IPAs.

That’s the thing, right now with all these hops around, you can create so many flavors, blending different styles of hops. If you’re the one guy that gets that exclusive hop or that transitional hop, you can really make your IPA stand out. People are going “whoa, what’s that flavor I just had?” and then it will never be there again.

* * * * *

Thank you to Jotham for taking time out of his busy day to chat. And thank you to Nathan for the pint of Summer in Hallertau. I will “go big” at another time, which sadly will not be Thursday night as I have an Isotopes game to cover. So hopefully you all will not drink up the supply at Nob Hill before I get over there postgame.

For those who are going, have fun, enjoy the food, the beer, the conversation, and the general geeking out over this hoptastic beer.


— Stoutmeister

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