How I really won in Vegas

The beer is better, the lighting is not. Ah, casinos!
The beer is better, the lighting is not. Ah, casinos!

Hello, all. I just got back from Vegas and I have some exciting news for you. I had heard a rumor just before I left for my trip that Mandalay Bay casino was starting to serve craft beers on the casino floor. I could barely contain my excitement. Of course, this beer traveler had to take one for the team and check it out in person. (Oh, yeah, that’s taking one for the team, going to Vegas and all. — S)

I can confirm from my own personal experience this week that this is indeed true. Now, usually, when gambling at any of the Vegas casinos, the selection of free-while-gambling-beer is very limited. We consider it pretty “lucky” when we have more choices than Corona, Heineken, or Bud Light. If I can get a Dos Equis, I will on occasion settle for that, but usually I just get a vodka drink instead.

The craft beer list now available at Mandalay Bay.
The beer list now has some outstanding craft entries available at Mandalay Bay.

As excited as I was about this new development, I did start to question my sanity after having a couple of excellent (read: also much higher ABV) craft beers while gambling. The good thing is that since I somehow wisely didn’t carry a wallet/purse with me that afternoon. I was limited to spending only the cash I had in my pockets. Whew, that saved me from what might have been really dangerous.

If this works out for the Mandalay Bay Casino like I think it will, the practice will likely spread pretty quickly throughout the Strip. That would be great fun for craft beer lovers; but I do advise you to please proceed with caution, dear readers! Stay safe and practice responsible gaming.


— AmyO

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