Beer Notes: On name changes, another new brewery, and more

Distillery 365 changed their name, but kept their same delicious beers and spirits.
Distillery 365 changed their name, but kept their same delicious beers and spirits.

There was some beer news that popped up last week while yours truly was out of town. Throw in the fact that I am greatly limited by Isotopes coverage this week, and well, this is our news article for the week. We will follow up on some of these articles as warranted in the weeks ahead.

New name, same place

Broken Trail Spirits + Brew is the new name for Distillery 365. Nothing has changed but the name. They are still making the same beer, the same spirits, and are keeping a lot of their same fun events.

365 was originally named after a hiking trail, but it seemed like few people (us included) never really got that. The new name keeps the same hiking theme, plus now it highlights the fact they are both a distillery and a brewery.

In other news, they have added more tap capacity. They now have five of their own beers, plus one guest tap (SFBC Happy Camper) right now. Also, while their Green Jeans Farmery location does not carry any of their beers, their non-alcoholic ginger beer is on tap at the SFBC taproom. Co-owner Matt Simonds highly recommends folks try the Ginger Chick, which is half ginger, half Chicken Killer.

The main location on Stanford will have the UFC fights on this Saturday, which includes Jon Jones. We’re safe, Burquenos, Jones is not on our streets this weekend! Instead he can go beat up someone in an octagon.

Yup, another brewery on the way

A long, long time ago, on a nearby street, we heard about Hops Brewery coming to Nob Hill. Then came a series of delays to the point where we all figured it was a dead project. Oh, but it was far from dead; Hops’ small brewer license with the state suddenly went active back in January. Following that, another reporter asked us if we knew what was going on with the spot in Nob Hill, where the windows had become boarded up.

Friend of the Crew and intrepid reporter Jessica Dyer finally got the scoop on Hops, which is much closer to opening than we thought. Owner Jim Shull is aiming for a summer opening, though he was smart enough not to name a specific date (anyone who has ever dealt with the City of Albuquerque is nodding at this). The location is 3507 Central NE, putting it just a little east of Tractor’s taproom on the north side of the street.

In addition to the Nob Hill location, Shull has also applied for a small brewer offsite location for Los Ranchos. That taproom would go in at 7222 4th Street NW.

Other new brewery rumors

We still have not found any new info on Lone Sun Brewing, which has a “coming soon” sign up along the Paseo del Norte frontage road about halfway between Jefferson and 2nd Street. If anyone knows more about that operation, drop us a line.

One of our staff met the owners of another forthcoming place, Dialogue Brewing. We didn’t get much beyond the name, but when they are ready to talk, they promised to contact us.

Friend of the Crew, Phil K., then contacted us about Bare Bones Brewing. Apparently it’s a resurrected project, now set for Edgewood after a first attempt to open closer to Cedar Crest fell through, or so says an old Facebook page.

On the licensing front, we can confirm that Flix Brewhouse, the movie theater/brewpub chain, has applied for their small brewer license with the state. Elsewhere, despite the presence of brewing equipment at Sugar House Brewing, the former Stumbling Steer space now owned by the same folks behind Wise Pies and Vernon’s, there is still not listing for a pending license. Until that happens, we can assume they are still a ways away from opening.

Sampler tray

  • Before anyone asks, no, we do not know what the mystery anniversary beer (or beers) for Marble is/are this year. We know one (or both) was aged in tequila barrels. Tequila is my alcohol kryptonite, so I will let the rest of you try whatever they release first. That release comes on Wednesday at both taprooms.
  • We will have more info in The Week Ahead in Beer, but there are three other beer releases this week. Spanglish, a Mexican-style lager, is back on tap with a release party at Ponderosa on Thursday. Before that, Wednesday will see the return of Father Nelson on tap and in bombers at La Cumbre. Finally, Friday’s release party is for the new 1912 Porter at Rio Bravo.
  • The Ale Trail: Burque Brewpub Tour is back on Saturday, courtesy of ABQ Trolley Co. You can visit the Facebook event page for more info, but it runs from noon to 3 p.m. You get behind-the-scenes tours of three breweries (none are named, though since Rio Bravo is sponsoring the ride, we have to guess that is one stop), plus free souvenirs, and a complimentary pint at each location. You buy tickets online.

That is all for this week. If you know if any news related to our craft beer scene anywhere in New Mexico, contact us via social media, a comment below this story, or you can email us at The rest of the Crew will (hopefully) have some stories for you later this week while I am stuck at Isotopes Park. But, hey, I get free food, and they pay me to watch baseball. Could be worse, right?


— Stoutmeister

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