Previewing Oskar Blues’ Burning Can in Santa Fe

Posted: May 20, 2016 by cjax33 in Outside Bike & Brew 2016
Oskar Blues' New Mexico rep, Jacob Cox, shows off the goods with beer lovers Mat and Dominique.

Oskar Blues’ New Mexico rep, Jacob Cox, shows off the goods with beer lovers Mat and Dominique.

Editor’s note: Julie is going to try to hit up as many events as possible this weekend during the Outside Bike & Brew Festival in Santa Fe. Because she’s out and about, I’m posting all of her stories on the site to make things a little easier. The WordPress phone app is good for checking the little things, not trying to write an entire story. — Stoutmeister

Tasting notes from Oskar Blues Can Pack (a preview of the scaled-down Burning Can happening Saturday)

Location: Jean Cocteau Cinema

People got super excited about the idea of a Burning Can festival here in Santa Fe, and even though it’s not happening at full scale, we do have a mini version as part of Saturday’s Outside Bike & Brew activities. The breweries lined up for Saturday will be serving up the goods in 12-ounce cans only. We got a preview of what Oskar Blues will be slinging, and you can get it at most outlets here in New Mexico in the form of their Canundrum pack. Right now, it’s made up of the following four brews:

There's a summer brew if we've ever seen one.

There’s a summer brew if we’ve ever seen one.

1. Pinner Throwback IPA (4.9% ABV, 35 IBU) This has been one of my favorite hot-weather beers since it was introduced. It has a solid profile with a nice, hoppy edge. I like to describe it as pilsner IPA. My friend who only drinks dark beer and is not a fan of IPAs swears that this is the one of two IPAs she can handle (the other is Founders All Day IPA).

2. Momma’s Yella Pils (5.3% ABV, 35 IBU) This Czech pilsner-style brew is a good porch-sittin’ beer, and it has a nice, gentle hop profile to it.

3. Dale’s Pale Ale (6.5%, 65 IBU) I love this pale ale because it’s seriously on the hoppy side with 65 IBU. It’s a classic, and definitely the heavy hitter of the current Canundrum pack.

4. Beerito (4.0%, 21 IBU) This was the surprise hit of the pack. This Vienna lager-style beer includes both German and Colorado-sourced malts. The result is exceptionally drinkable and a fine new addition to summertime sipping.

Cheers! See you at (Mini) Burning Can tomorrow.

— Julie

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