Santa Fe Brewing has two special reasons to visit their ABQ taproom this Saturday

This joint is gonna be jumpin' during ABQ Beer Week. (Photo courtesy of SFBC)
Hang at the taproom this Saturday to try some excellent new beers. (Photo courtesy of SFBC)

Unless you have been vacationing in the Arctic or working in a freezer (That pretty much describes the Topes’ press box with its psychotic A/C unit. — S), I’m sure you have noticed that it has been just a wee bit hot in New Mexico as of late. Need another excuse to hide in the shade with a refreshing brew? I didn’t think so, but Santa Fe Brewing will be offering two additional reasons this weekend. You will want to celebrate at the Albuquerque taproom as they release Autonomous Collective DIPA and Sunset Limited!

It all kicks off at 4:30 p.m., right after the IPA Challenge preliminary round wraps up at Rio Bravo. Autonomous Collective DIPA and Sunset Limited Cervesa de Garde will be on tap, with bombers of Sunset Limited available for $1 off for this event. There will also be an appearance by SFBC’s Single Barrel Sour ale! SFBC’s brewers and sales people will be present to meet with the public, so make sure to say hi.

Autonomous Collective is SFBC’s summer installment in their series of seasonal IPA releases. Brewed with Amarillo, El Dorado, and Columbus hops, and dry hopped three times, it carries a mix of orange peel and honeydew melon in aroma and flavor, with a bit of malt sweetness, and a fruity/resinous hop flavor in the finish. This will definitely quench your thirst during the summer months.

Sunset Limited Cervesa de Garde is a change from the styles that SFBC has become known for. Brewed in collaboration with Bayou Teche Brewery in Arnaudville, Louisiana, Sunset Limited is brewed in the Biere de Garde style, which is traditionally malty and toasty, and possesses lower hopping levels, but enough alcohol to preserve the beer.

The official description from SFBC: “This version is a combination of the traditional style brewed by our friends at Bayou Teche, then made more New Mexican with the addition of Red Chile and Blue Corn, then cold stored for six weeks to further mellow out. Short version: toasty and malty, fruity and sweet, with an alcoholic and red chile heat in the finish.”

Make sure to stop in for a pint of this one-off beer, as it is limited to taproom and bomber availability. Once it is gone, it’s gone!

Until next time …


— Brandon Daniel

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