The Crew reviews ApocalypTHICC from Toltec Brewing

We brought an actual expert in with us to review a beer (that she brewed).

We have changed up our Zoom-based beer reviews. Rather than just us rambling on about a local beer or two, we invited the brewer who made the beer to join us. After all, a brewer’s insight is often far beyond what our mere mortal palates can tell you about a beer.

This time around, we were joined by Toltec head brewer Kaylynn McKnight to discuss ApocalypTHICC, the Russian Imperial Stout she made in collaboration with Majin Garcia (who sent his regards as he was unable to hop into the Zoom). We learned how this massive, delicious brew came about, the brewing process, why it did not get (nor need) a bushel of adjuncts, and how part of the batch was held back to go into Caribbean rum barrels. Yes, we are rather excited about the barrels, and you should be, too.

Kaylynn did point out that the supply of ApocalypTHICC was running low, so make sure to get out to Toltec to try this. If you love big stouts, you gotta go get this beer. The best part is you can place your order for a crowler online. You should also grab some food since this beer is a hefty 10.8-percent ABV, but it hides the alcohol well.

As always, we will take any and all constructive criticism as to how to make these reviews better. Also, if there are any beers you would like us to review, we are open to suggestions.


— Stoutmeister

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