Beer Notes: The first brewery casualty of the shutdown has been named

The first brewery to close permanently during this pandemic is located in Rio Rancho. (Photo courtesy of 1933 Brewing)

We have a few small news items that cried out for a Beer Notes. We only wish it was all positive news, but alas, it is not.

1933 Brewing closes its doors permanently

We started hearing rumors about the Rio Rancho brewpub closing a few weeks ago. The last Facebook post said 1933 was closing for Sunday, April 5, and nothing else has appeared since. More people started sending us inquiries directly Thursday, and finally we heard from Turtle Mountain Brewing owner Nico Ortiz, who had just spoken to 1933 owner Rick Renteria. Sadly, the news was true, 1933 has closed and will not reopen after the stay-at-home orders are lifted.

The longer this (necessary) shutdown continues, we figure 1933 will be the first of several breweries that will be unable to reopen. (Oh, and before anyone asks, no, we do not know of any others in jeopardy.) We had hoped that somehow we could buck the national trend and avoid any closures, but that clearly is not the case.

A survey by the Brewers Association found that 46 percent of craft breweries owner nationwide do not expect to survive this current economic state of affairs. It is a similar trend for many restaurants and other small businesses nationwide. Please keep supporting your favorite local places as long as you are able to do so.

More cans? More cans!

Just in case anyone missed the updates to the most recent edition of The Week Ahead in Beer, there were two more can releases announced after our initial posting. Boxing Bear has canned Body Czech Pilsner and will have it available at all three taprooms starting today (Friday). Marble has also gone and put its popular Rita! in cans for the first time. Those will also be available at all three locations today.

While it is not technically canned, you can get a crowler fill of fresh Helles from Canteen Brewhouse. We tried it back before the shutdown and it is most excellent on a warm day. Meanwhile, just down the road at Red Door, the 10th edition of the Paletas Series, Paradise, is available for growler fills. This one was made with pineapple, pink guava, strawberry, blueberry, and lactose, all as a tribute to the late John Prine. Red Door is also canning fresh batches of Vanilla Cream Ale and Irish Red for distribution.

As we noted in Week Ahead, keep checking Ex Novo’s posts every single day, because they just seem to keep adding new ones (or at the very least, restocking any core beers that have run out).

Many breweries have been restocked with crowlers, while others have not. (Photo courtesy of Sidetrack Brewing)

Buddy, can you spare a crowler?

The supply of the 32-ounce aluminum crowler cans remains an issue for some breweries. Steel Bender told us that the supply has gotten a bit lower, in part due to the brewery lending out some surplus to its fellow breweries. Of course, all but two beers (Blue Bullet Stout, Amarillo SMASH) are currently available in six-pack cans, so that helps for SBB.

Sidetrack and Starr Brothers have received fresh shipments of crowlers and are doing well.

Bow & Arrow ran out of crowlers and decided to shut down until May 1.

Discounts, deals, and other special offers

Here are some of the latest special offers coming out of the breweries.

  • Bosque: Cases of beer are $32, and if you spend $100 you get a $20 gift card. Gift cards and kegs are currently available at 10 percent off. All merchandise is 20 percent off.
  • Broken Trail/Tractor: The two brewstilleries have joined forces to create more hand sanitizer under the Troubled Minds brand. Go to the Tractor website to order 1-gallon jugs for $30 apiece.
  • Sierra Blanca: Cases (24 bottles) of Rodeo Gold American Lager are just $19.99. Other beers are $24.99 by the case. Call (505) 832-2337 to place an advance order.

If there are any other special offers out there, please send us a message or email at and we will continuously update this post.

Stay safe out there this weekend, everyone.


— Stoutmeister

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  1. Dwayne Porter says:

    The shutdown was not at all “necessary”. It did nothing significant regarding the flu virus and intentionally put establishments like 1933 out of business permanently.

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