Marble teams up with Nexus and Hollow Spirits to support Welstand Foundation for Black History Month

The Welstand Foundation’s Nichole Rogers raises a glass to the support she’s received from Marble, Nexus, and Hollow Spirits.

Even a global pandemic has not dampened the enthusiasm that our local breweries have for supporting charitable causes and nonprofits in New Mexico. Take Marble Brewery, which continues its community outreach, this time in collaboration with Nexus Brewery and Hollow Spirits.

All three will be highlighting local influential African-Americans — including Nexus owner Ken Carson and Hollow Spirits owner Frank Holloway — on their social media pages throughout February, which is Black History Month. On top of that, the trio will also be supporting and raising funds for the Welstand Foundation.

The Welstand Foundation is a local nonprofit that was first established in June 2019 to “improve health equity in NM for people of color,” per a press release from Marble. Welstand is scheduled to open a behavioral health center this June for children ages 8 through 12.

“We are excited to partner with Marble Brewery, Nexus Brewery, and Hollow Spirits to celebrate Black History Month by highlighting the African-Americans doing the work to ensure we can thrive here in New Mexico,” said Welstand founder Nichole Rogers in the press release. “We are grateful for the opportunity to share our history and what we do at Welstand with the brewing and distilling community.”

Each brewery and the distillery are planning to donate 25 percent of the sales of a specific product throughout February. For Nexus, it will be from sales of the hugely popular Imperial Cream Ale, which is available on tap at both locations and in four-pack cans. For Hollow Spirits, it will be from sales of Pom Rose liquor.

“Nexus is honored to partner with Marble Brewery, Hollow Spirits, and the Welstand; proceeds from our Imperial Cream Ale will go toward funding our portion of the donation to Welstand,” Carson said. “We are pleased to participate in helping Welstand get off to a great start and celebrating Black History Month in this way.”

“Everyone has struggles,” Holloway said. “Everyone has hurdles they need to overcome. Some people chose to give in to these obstacles. Others choose to not give up. Hollow Spirits is honored to join Marble Brewery, Nexus Brewery, and Welstand Foundation to highlight African-Americans in New Mexico who would not let their fears stand in their way.”

As for Marble, well, they took it a step further and have brewed up a special beer that will be on tap at all three locations this Wednesday. Welstand Stout, a milk stout that checks in at 7.6-percent ABV, will make its debut, and as anyone out there might have guessed, any new stout is a welcome thing as far as all of us in the Crew are concerned.

“Raising awareness of and highlighting local African-American leadership within New Mexico can encourage positive change within our country and community,” Marble president Barbie Gonzalez said. “With craft beer as Marble Brewery’s foundation, the Welstand Stout and our partnership with Hollow Spirits and Nexus Brewery will aid in the effort to serve underprivileged African-American youth within our state. Together we can make a difference.”

We could not agree more. Kudos to everyone at Marble, Nexus, and Hollow Spirits for all that they do to help our community, and a big thanks to Geraldine Lucero for passing along all of this information.

Keep supporting local!

— Stoutmeister

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