Beer Notes: Updates on all the new places still in progress

You can once again sit amongst the sculpture garden, only the brewery is now called Juno, not Dialogue.

With the recent openings (re-openings?) of two closed-turned-new-breweries — Lizard Tail Industrial (neé Cantero) and Juno (ex-Dialogue) — we figured it might be a good time to catch up on what is still in the forthcoming brewery/taproom pipeline. Also, our planned story for today fell through, so here we are, going to Plan B.

Got an update beyond what we have here? Send it to us at or via direct message on any of our social media sites.

Forthcoming breweries

  • Electric Cafe: All we know about this place is that its license is active, and it is located on Copper between Second and Third Streets. Beyond that, all is mum. Got info? See above.
  • The Nuckolls Brewing: This new brewery in Santa Fe has an active license, but zero social media presence. We are still awaiting word on an opening date.
  • Public House 28: Located between Anthony and Las Cruces on Highway 28, this new spot is getting ever closer to opening. Keep track of their progress on Instagram. At last check, they hoped to open by mid-July. Their small brewer license is active, so only a few local hurdles remain.
  • Wanted Brewing and Distilling: This Las Vegas-based combo joint was still in the construction stage at last update on social media. Their license is also active, so it just seems to be a matter of time until the first brewery in the town in quite some time will be open.
  • Brickyard Pizza: Yes, the university-area pizzeria has applied for its own small brewer license. There is also an offsite license pending called Harvard Yard. One of these days, we shall find out who to contact and ask them what the status is of these two projects. Or, if they read this, please contact us!
  • Capitol Bar and Brewery: The longtime Socorro institution just had its small brewer license go active, so we imagine it is only a matter of time before we drive down I-25 to find out their status (and hopefully try their own beers).
  • Travel Bug: This little Santa Fe bookstore/coffee shop is still working on installing its own small-batch brewing system. Reid and/or Luke is still looking to find a good time to meet up with ownership to discuss this new endeavor.

Forthcoming offsite taprooms

  • Bow & Arrow Rambler Taproom: Construction continues apace on the Farmington location. You can follow the progress on Instagram and Facebook. The license is active, so when everything else is ready to go, the beer shall flow.
  • Lizard Tail Nob Hill: This license just went active, so all that is left is for that much-delayed walk-in cooler to arrive. Look for it on the north side of Central across from Gecko’s.
  • The Taproom at Old Town: It should not be much longer for this joint venture from Palmer Brewery and Left Turn Distilling to open in the old Candy Lady location in Old Town. The license is active, so the finishing touches are being applied.
  • Lizard Tail Mesa del Sol: This spot is also in the works, as owner Dan Berry said during our recent visit to the Industrial brewery. No word yet on how far out it is from opening.
  • Momo Lounge: Located in the revamped Monterey Inn on Central, this new Ponderosa Brewing offshoot will be a cocktail lounge, which ties into Ponderosa getting a craft distillers license.
  • Outpost Taproom/Outpost 1706: This venture in Old Town, spearheaded by Noisy Water Winery of Ruidoso, will feature a wine bar downstairs, and a beer bar upstairs, featuring brews from Southern New Mexico breweries like Bonito Valley (which supplied the offsite license) and Lost Hiker. At least, that is what we have been told, we await final confirmation of all the details.
  • Turtle Mountain Enchanted Hills: Construction is underway, so expect this taproom in North Rio Rancho to be ready by this autumn.

You may notice that the Bosque Brewing locations on Coors and Eubank are missing from these updates. Their licenses are still pending, but at last check with the owners of Bosque, both spots are on indefinite hold while they focus on their six existing locations (including Restoration Pizza) as we exit out of the final pandemic restrictions on July 1.

Other places we have heard are in the works, but have yet to apply for their licenses with the State of New Mexico, are Echoes Brewery in the old Burt’s Tiki Lounge space on Gold Avenue, and another brewery opening a spot near Nob Hill (we are staying mum on that until they are further along in the process, out of respect).

If you have any additional news on future breweries and/or offsite taprooms, please send it over. Hopefully as the pandemic restrictions end, we will see more new names join these lists.

Until then, there are plenty of existing breweries and offsite taprooms that need your support. The bills for back rent are going to come due soon, so please, keep on getting out there for pints, or fill those growlers/crowlers, buy a four- or six-pack, and as always …

Keep supporting local!

— Stoutmeister

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Kellie Johnson says:

    Enchanted Circle Brewing Company is still opened in thier Albuquerque location ( and of course in Angel Fire but you guys do Albuquerque).

    1. Stoutmeister says:

      We’re aware. We’ve just never been able to establish consistent communication with the owners.

  2. SethF says:

    I run by Nuckolls Brewing a few times a week. that building is jam-full of stainless steel equipment now. the railyard is turning into the beer center of gravity for SF 🙂

  3. Alexander Arn says:

    Turtle Mountain has finally started construction on the Enchanted Hills location! It would be cool if you guys got a construction site tour with Nico.

  4. Dresden Black says:

    In the re-opening category, some recent postings on NextDoor by one of the employees shows hope for Flix Brewhouse, August potentially?

    1. Stoutmeister says:

      That’s the word on the street, but not official yet. Brewer Will Moorman will let us know when it’s go time.

  5. Kent Waggoner says:

    Any news for Echoes (313 Gold)?

    1. Stoutmeister says:

      Still under construction, per their IG feed. They told us when they’re ready to chat, we’ll be contacted. Now all we can do is wait.

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