New breweries update: Things might be stirring up again at long last

Guess who has a pending license and is now hiring for all positions? (Photo courtesy of Echoes)

It has been quite a while since we did an update on any forthcoming new breweries or offsite taprooms, mainly due to the simple fact that there have not really been any to report on since the pandemic brought industry growth to a screeching halt in 2020.

So have things started to pick up again? Somewhat, though it is certainly not harkening back to the heyday of yesteryear. Any movement can be taken as a good sign, though, amidst the ongoing economic uncertainty out there.

To break things down this time, we decided to group places geographically. We will start in the outskirts of the state before coming back to our primary coverage areas around Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

News to the south

We were able to confirm one suspected theory recently in that the pending small brewer license listed for a Hall of Fame in Ruidoso is, in fact, the Hall of Flame Burgers restaurant located on Sudderth (the main road through town) in between the Lost Hiker Brewing Midtown Taproom to its west and Downshift Brewing at Hidden Tap to the east. The brewer who will be overseeing things at Hall of Flame recently interned at Sidetrack Brewing.

As of Friday, there is now a pending offsite license for Icebox Brewing, which would be its fourth overall location, only this time the taproom will not be in Las Cruces like the other three. Hatch will be getting its first craft brewery taproom.

News to the east

We actually have nothing new to report on the future taprooms for JUNO, in Edgewood, and Lava Rock, in Moriarty. Both licenses are still listed as pending, and neither brewery has shared anything further about the locations on social media. Red Door also hinted that it has a new project afoot in Clovis, but there are no further details at this time.

News to the north

The new equipment has arrived in Jemez Springs. (Photo courtesy of Jemez Mountain Brewhouse)

Jemez Mountain Brewhouse, which has taken the place of the former Second Alarm Brewhouse in Jemez Springs, is still putting the finishing touches on a remodel. An advertisement for hiring staff was posted a few weeks ago.

As for the Santa Fe area, all we are getting is radio silence on The Nuckolls Brewing at the Railyard. The license is active, but there seems to be no visible movement in terms of getting the doors open anytime soon. The El Ortiz Cafe, an offsite taproom going into the Lamy train station (previously occupied by Chile Line), also has an active license now. But, in an odd twist, The Nuckolls’ Facebook page has been deleted. We have no idea what that means.

At last check, Beer Creek’s taproom in Santa Fe was moving along slowly in terms of construction, mainly due to a lack of skilled labor in the city. This may also be what’s still slowing The Nuckolls. Beer Creek has not yet applied for its small brewer offsite license.

Bosque reaffirmed in a recent Albuquerque Journal article (no link, as it is behind a subscriber-only paywall now) that it is moving forward with a taproom on South Cerillos near Dion’s, though there is no pending license as yet. That location was previously described to us as being a beer bar only, with no kitchen. It will somewhat take the spot of the Market Station taproom, which is converting to a Restoration Pizza. The taproom will close in late April and aims to reopen as the pizzeria in June.

To our knowledge, even though it received a small brewer license last year and renewed this year, the Travel Bug bookstore and coffee shop in Santa Fe has yet to start making its own beer.

News from around Albuquerque

One new pending license popped up in the last week, the first of its kind in quite some time for the metro area. Unhinged Brewing is set for somewhere in the 87121 zip code in the southwest part of town. Unhinged is apparently the former Long Haul Brewing, which sold its low ABV beers (think 2.9 percent) out of High and Dry for a short period of time.

There is finally a pending license listed for Echoes, the brewery/music venue going into the old Burt’s Tiki Lounge space on Gold between Third and Fourth Streets. We figured this would be the case after a long wait, as the exterior looks done, photos of the interior show it is seemingly ready to go, and an advertisement was posted looking for staff, including a brewer.

A mystery spot downtown remains the Electric Cafe. It is described as a nightclub and event space on Copper between Second and Third Streets, next to Hotel Andaluz. There is both an active small brewer license and a pending license, so we are not sure what is going on over there.

Flock of Moons Brewing is in planning for the Bricklight District, but we do not have much information to share beyond that. We have met the owners, and got a glimpse of their logo, but are waiting on them to give us more information. There is no pending license yet.

High and Dry’s Public House, which will be more wine focused than beer focused, is under construction at Copper and Hermosa. It has a pending license and is aiming for a summer opening.

Bosque’s taproom at Eubank and Spain is still under construction. It also has a pending license and is likewise aiming for a summer opening.

That is all from us for now. If you know of anything about the new places listed above, or of a place we do not list here, drop us a line at, or send us a DM on social media.

Keep supporting local!

— Stoutmeister

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