Beer Notes: Downshift expands again, Flock of Moons inches closer to opening

The newest Downshift Brewing taproom will be in a place familiar to those who frequent Ruidoso. (Photo courtesy of Sacred Grounds)

It’s been a minute or two since we emptied the notebook, so let’s get right to it.

Downshift Brewing sent us a press release last week about opening a third offsite location. Currently, the brewery has its main location in Ruidoso, a beer garden north of town in Alto, and the Outpost 1706 taproom in Albuquerque’s Old Town. Now comes Downshift Riverside, located in Ruidoso in the former Sacred Grounds Coffee and Tea House building.

“Having known Sacred Grounds since it originally opened as a much smaller shop when my wife, Shelby, and I were in high school, through the years to the beautiful welcoming space it is today, we are excited and honored to continue its legacy,” co-owner/head brewer Eddie Gutierrez said in the press release.

Located at 2704 Sudderth Dr., this new taproom will still have coffee and tea on the menu, now with beer. Gutierrez said in the release that there will be 20 taps for beer and house-made nitro cold brew. There will be a full kitchen in place, and live music will be a key component of the Riverside experience.

Downshift has been one of the fastest-growing breweries in New Mexico, having only opened its first two locations in Ruidoso and Old Town in early 2022. All this growth and success has only reminded us that we are overdue for another trip down south, where the Crew will be sure to make time to interview Gutierrez and learn more about Downshift’s current and future plans.

And, of course, we will be sure to check on our friends at Lost Hiker Brewing, which is also going strong in Ruidoso. There’s quite a beer scene forming down south, so be sure to take some time to check it out if you are in the area.

Flock of Moons shining brighter

The ownership team poses with their 7-barrel brewhouse. (Photo courtesy of Flock of Moons)

The first brewery in the Bricklight District is starting to look like an opening date is coming sooner than later. The latest photos from Flock of Moons show their fully assembled brewhouse, though a discerning look does show that it is not yet fully hooked up and ready to go just yet.

Still, it certainly seems closer, and we have been enjoying their social media photo drops showing the progress. Considering that our last visit featured the floors, walls, and ceilings ripped up and ready for renovation, they have come a long way in a short time.

The good news is we are in touch with the owners, so when they are ready to show off the completed version, we will be ready to head over.

As for the other forthcoming breweries that we know about:

  • Construction continues on the Dripline Brewery buildings at Second Street and Summer in Wells Park. We know they picked up their brewhouse and other equipment already, but from the outside, it looks like they are still a ways off. When they’re ready to meet up, we will be happy to drive over and check it out.
  • No, we have no new updates on The Nuckolls Brewing in Santa Fe. The photos we have seen of the interior sure look nice, but there is still no word on an opening date.
  • A little bird told us that a popular Santa Fe beer spot is looking to get into brewing its own, but until we are given the green light to identify it publicly, all we can do is leave the rest of you to play the guessing game. Sorry/not sorry!
  • Know of any other breweries in the works, anywhere in the state? Please send us some information. Unfortunately, last year’s hacking incident at the New Mexico State Regulation and Licensing Department has left their website in shambles. Despite claiming that you can search for small brewer licenses that are valid as of April 11, we can easily see that it is the same list from last year, featuring some places that have since closed like 1865 Brewing (Santa Rosa) and Desert Valley, and does not featured fully-licenses places that have opened like Box Canyon Brewing (Socorro) and Vision City Brewstillery. It also no longer allows you to search for anything but purported active licenses, so a great tool to keep us on top of future breweries and offsite taprooms has been lost.

Cool openings and lame closings

No, really, there is a taproom inside there. (Photo courtesy of Painted Lady)

First, the good news, as Painted Lady Bed and Brew has opened its trolley car taproom. Yeah, they really took an old trolley car and turned it into the ultimate cozy beer-drinking spot. Mariah Cameron Scee from Second Street Brewery once again utilized her talents to create the artwork and give it a true throwback vibe. For the time being, it is only open to the guests who stay overnight at Painted Lady, so we would just suggest folks book a staycation at this unique little spot at 1100 Bellamah Ave NW.

Now, the temporary bad news, as Boxing Bear has to close its westside taproom again for repairs. The pub at Corrales and Alameda will be shut down today (Monday) through Thursday. If all goes well, and we have no reason to believe otherwise, it will be back open on Friday. Luckily for Boxing Bear fans, there are three other taprooms around town to visit. Still, we have to wonder how much longer Boxing Bear will remain at its original location. We don’t know when the lease runs out, so we may just have to go sit down with them and chat soon about future plans.

That is all from us for now. It’s a bit of a light week, though we will be sure to highlight one awesome event this coming weekend at Canteen with a full preview.

In the meantime, if there is any beer news you think we need to know, please DM us on one of our social media pages, or email us at

Keep supporting local!

— Stoutmeister

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