Happy bad-weather day to you, ABQ area residents. Stoutmeister here, preparing for my trek to the west side to interview Mark from Turtle Mountain about cask beers (that series, in advance of Il Vicino’s Cask Festival, will start this week) and then head down to the grand opening party at Total Wine. Yes, it shall be a busy Wednesday, though in retrospect, I wish the TW opening at least was on a different day. I’m gonna miss Penguins-Flyers, though it’s only game two of seven between them this year, so there will plenty of time to verbally spar with Brandon the rest of the season.

Come and join the Crew to debate the best seasonal of February this Sunday at 1 p.m. at Nexus. Derek may even sneer at you like this.

Come and join the Crew to debate the best seasonal of February this Sunday at 1 p.m. at Nexus. Derek may even sneer at you like this.

Anyway, the point of writing this little post is to remind everyone that every month the Crew members are picking their favorite regular seasonal and imperial seasonal beers. We wrote about it back in January and while some of us picked the same beers, for the most part our respective favorites showcased the differences in what we each prefer.

Now it is time to pick February’s finest, with one rule change: the beer has to have been put on tap during the month in question. It was a little hard to go back and figure out which seasonals were January releases and which were holdovers from earlier months, but this time around we’ve been keeping track via E-Rock’s The Week Ahead in Beer.

In addition to this minor rule change, we are going to hold our first “beer roundtable” this Sunday at 1 p.m. at Nexus. If anyone wants to join us to debate the month’s best seasonals, or to just hang out, drink beer, and eat delicious Nexus food, then come on over. Our goal is to hold a roundtable on the final weekend of every month from here on out, so this is the best way to interact directly with us. We’ll switch up the brewery locations as much as possible, lest we appear to be playing favorites.

To properly prepare yourselves to enter the debate, I’ve written down all the seasonal beers to debut in February by brewery. Remember, separate your imperials and other high ABV (8-percent and up) beers from less potent-but-still-tasty releases.

ABQ Brew Pub: Pecan Ale, Winter Saison

Back Alley: Porter, Imperial Stout

Bosque: Graybeard Imperial Stout

Broken Bottle: Glugg Porter, Saul Rosenberg Ale

Chama River: Rye PA

Farside Brew Pub: Cow Tipper Cream Stout, Anni-Oaky Imperial IPA

Il Vicino: Odin’s Imperial Red

La Cumbre: El Dorado PA, German Helles

Marble: Double White, India Wheat, Imperial Red, Oaked DIPA

Nexus: Extra Pale Ale, Imperial Red

Sandia Chile Grill: Smoked Porter, Pilsner, Amber

Tractor: Tupac California Red, Wild Wheat Belgian, Duchess PA, Pilsner

Turtle Mountain: Irish Coffee Stout, Yardsale Amber, Ol’ Brown Eyes

(And yes, if there are any beers you know came out this month but aren’t listed above, let us know.)

So there are your candidates. Pick your favorites, prepare to defend your choices, and come join us this Sunday at Nexus at 1 p.m.!


— Stoutmeister


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