IPA Challenge: Buddy, can you spare some voting totals?

Posted: August 11, 2013 by cjax33 in IPA Challenge 2013
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Stoutmeister here with the recap of the second round of the IPA Challenge. And by recap I mean a big, fat “huh?” because no one out there seems to have the results from Taos Mesa.

Nobody seems to have the voting totals from Taos Mesa on Saturday. Maybe this being published will uncover them.

Nobody seems to have the voting totals from Taos Mesa on Saturday. Maybe this being published will uncover them.

In order to try and clear this up I put in a phone call to the good folks at Taos’ newest brewery. They did know that Blue Corn, which was second after round one, came out on top Saturday. Taos Mesa’s own entry was in second place. In terms of the exact vote totals, they did not have a copy. Blue Corn brewer John Bullard confirmed that Resurgence was triumphant but he did not have the tally, either.

Saturday began on an odd note when Christopher Goblet of the NM Brewers Guild messaged the Crew on Facebook to see if any of us could pick up a keg at Marble and drive it north to Taos. Unfortunately we were a collective 0-for-6 on being able to help out. E-Rock was in Utah for his friends’ wedding, Franz Solo was fulfilling a promise to his wife to do some home repairs/upgrades, Shilling was buried in his studies, Porter Pounder was ill, Brandon’s truck was not in good enough shape for the drive, and yours truly was prepping for the Isotopes game (I had a pregame interview set with Mariners prospect James Paxton that I would have missed unless I made it up and back from Taos at record speeds, which the police tend to frown upon).

We never did find out what the keg was (somehow I doubt Marble forgot/was unable to send its own beer), nor did we learn what happened in terms of getting the keg up there, whether that delayed the event, or if now one of the 14 breweries is out of the competition.

Now the good news is we have between now and this coming Friday to find out where all the votes stand before IPA lovers gather at Santa Fe Brewing. All of us in the Crew will do our best to find out. And hopefully next time we’re asked to be beer mules, at least one of us will be available. That would have made for a great story.

Speaking of stories, we’ll have some more to help you prepare for the Santa Fe and Marble rounds. Keep an eye out for them this week.


— Stoutmeister


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