Stoutmeister here with the actual voting totals from round two of the IPA Challenge at Taos Mesa on Saturday.

What if you held a round of the IPA Challenge and nobody showed up? That almost happened, it appears.

What if you held a round of the IPA Challenge and nobody showed up? That almost happened, it appears.

That’s it? A total of 24 votes? On the day of Taos Mesa’s one-year anniversary all that showed up were 24 people? Wow. That’s sad. Deeply sad. Either people in Taos don’t like IPA or something really went wrong with promoting the event.

Compare it to High Desert in Las Cruces, where 92 people showed up Friday.

As a result, only five of the 14 participating breweries even received a vote this time around. Turtle Mountain, which eked out a victory in round one, did not get a single vote. Neither did Santa Fe, which had eight votes in the first round.

Something tells me this was Taos’ one shot to be a part of the IPA Challenge and next year it will head elsewhere, probably back to Three Rivers in Farmington. That’s disappointing; Taos Mesa does make good beer and has a cool venue, but this was a terrible showing.

Anyway, congrats to Blue Corn and brewer John Bullard, whose Resurgence jumped from second to first by collecting half the votes at Taos Mesa, which is quite a feat no matter the overall number of voters. John will have a big target on his back when he takes Resurgence to Santa Fe Brewing this Friday for the third round.

Here were the votes at Taos Mesa: Blue Corn 12, Il Vicino 5, La Cumbre 4, Three Rivers 2, Broken Bottle 1.

The folks at Taos Mesa said over the phone Sunday that their IPA came in second; apparently they were given bad information or misheard or something.

Now for the overall tally after two rounds.

Blue Corn — 30 votes

Turtle Mountain — 19

Il Vicino — 13

Bosque — 10

Broken Bottle — 8

Santa Fe — 8

High Desert — 6

La Cumbre — 6

Three Rivers — 6

Chama River — 5

Second Street — 5

Marble — 4

Taos Mesa — 4

Tractor — 2

As noted above, round three is at Santa Fe Brewing on Friday at 4 p.m. The final round will take place at Marble’s downtown pub this Saturday at noon. Discounted tickets ($20 instead of $25) for the final round will be on sale at La Cumbre today (Monday) only. Otherwise you can buy them at Marble or online.

The Crew will have more on the IPA Challenge throughout the week. Hey, I didn’t interview a bunch of brewers and brewery owners for nothing, right?

Let’s see those numbers rebound for the last two rounds, New Mexico!

— Stoutmeister

  1. mikey says:

    Bummer turn out up North but great turn out in Cruces. The look back historically likely shows the strongest attendance in ABQ area year in and year out and attendence figures wouild be cool to see the growth over time. It’d be nice to see the historical fee charged too as $25 this year seems like some over reach. $20 seems much more reasonable and equitable. I’ll always attend though and the Marble location will be packed.

    • cjax33 says:

      Marble will definitely be packed. Get your ticket in advance (they were selling them at La Cumbre today for $20). The Cruces turnout was great, being on a Friday instead of a Tues or Thurs helped. But that was way too low for a Saturday, I don’t care where you are in the state.

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