Santa Fe Brewing’s new ABQ taproom begins to take shape

The future home of Santa Fe Brewing's first Albuquerque taproom is coming together.
The future home of Santa Fe Brewing’s first Albuquerque taproom is coming together.

Back on Friday I was planning on charging down to the “crane-lifting ceremony” at Green Jeans Farmery, the site near Carlisle and I-40 that will host the first Santa Fe Brewing taproom in Albuquerque. Of course, whenever you have an hour to get from work to anywhere else, there will inevitably be delays. I pretty much totally missed the ceremony for a variety of annoying little reasons I will not bore anyone with here. I did manage to arrive as they were wrapping up, making sure to chat with SFBC rep Silas Sims and the head of the project, Roy Solomon. The latter was kind enough to send over a bunch of photos so we could share with everyone the nascent stages of construction.

The Farmery is made up of old shipping containers located the western terminus of Cutler Ave., a road that runs parallel to I-40 on the northern side (it effectively ends at Carlisle). Getting to the site took some work, with Google Maps not exactly being the best of friends for a change. For future reference, you can get there by the following means.

Northbound on Carlisle: Turn right at the one-way (eastbound) entrance to the Hampton Hotel, just after you cross the overpass above I-40 and then the Embudo Channel, and before you get to the Hotel Cascadia. You cannot access this way via Carlisle southbound, however.

Off Menaul: Whether you are going west or east on Menaul, the following streets go through and connect southbound to Cutler — Morningside, Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Quincy, and of course San Mateo. Just drive south to Cutler and turn west. You won’t be able to miss the Farmery just beyond the Hampton.

All right, now that we got that out of the way, here are all the pictures Roy sent us.

The first five containers that will make up the ground of the SFBC taproom were placed over the foundation.
The upper container there is currently just for show, it will be replaced by a permanent unit soon.
The holes where the windows will be have already been cut out.
Just in case anyone forgot who’s going in there.
Crane operators are some awfully skillful people when you really think about it.
The SFBC taproom will eventually be surrounded by a number of eateries (see below).
OK, almost everyone was happy to get their picture taken.

The Farmery will have a number of eateries that will surround the taproom. Amore Neapolitan Pizzeria (a favorite of Brandon and his girlfriend Taylor), Epiphany Espresso, Phat Burger, and Bocadillos Slow Roasted Sandwiches were among the first to sign up.

There will be about 80 parking spots available, but from the sound of things the folks at the Hampton Inn may let folks use their lot as well. Hey, the Farmery could bring them even more business and that is always a good thing. We imagine the folks at Cascadia will feel the same way; one can only go down water slides for so long (well, kids could probably go on forever, but their parents will welcome the chance to unwind with a Happy Camper).

The final look of the SFBC taproom is impressive.

An artist depicts the taproom when it is all finished.
An artist depicts the taproom when it is all finished.

Overall, the project is making good progress and the folks involved seemed awfully excited. Thanks again to Roy for providing us with the majority of the photos above and some additional info. And a big thanks to Silas for sticking around as well. Hey, someone had to finish off the open beers in his cooler that he had been using for sampling.

We will keep everyone up to date on the progress of construction at the Farmery.


— Stoutmeister

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