Enjoy some Founders for a good cause in Flagstaff

Posted: August 6, 2015 by theshenerd in Beercation Destinations, Events, News, Out-of-Town Brews
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Founders thingy

If you needed to get away this weekend, might we recommend this event in Flagstaff?

This time of year is a bittersweet one for craft beer lovers. Bitter for those who didn’t score tickets to the Great American Beer Festival and SWEET for those who did.

If you need to nurse those wounds, there is an event coming up this weekend in Flagstaff, Arizona, that may just do the trick — Founders Far Out West Fest. This Saturday, Flagstaff’s newest brewery, Dark Sky Brewing Co., is hosting this fundraiser to benefit the Wildland Firefighter Foundation. During the summer months not a day goes by that we don’t hear about wildfires springing up across the country. Many brave men and women have given their lives protecting people from these fires and the Founders Far Out West Fest is one way to ensure that the families of these fallen heroes are provided for.

Now that you’ve gotten the guilt trip, here are the nuts and bolts.

Date: August 8
Time: 1 p.m.–5 p.m.
Location: Dark Sky Brewing, 117 N. Beaver St. Suite A, Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
Tickets: $50
What you get for that $50:

  • Six 5-ounce tastings of specially selected Dark Sky beers.
  • Six 5-ounce tastings of Founders beers, including Mosaic Promise, Kentucky Breakfast Stout, Curmudgeon, All Day IPA, Rubeus, and the next-to-impossible-to-find CBS. I have it on good authority that this event has the only kegs of CBS available in the Western Hemisphere.
  • In addition to the beer, there are also swag bags being given away and raffles for other cool prizes. If $50 still seems like too much, remember that all proceeds go to help the families of fallen firefighters.

Because this is the first year of this festival, there is no way to pre-order tickets online or over the phone. Tickets can only be purchased in person and will be available at the door. The person I spoke with does not anticipate the event selling out, but if it does, look on the bright side: You are in Flagstaff and there are plenty of breweries to spend your time at. Might I recommend Historic Brewing Company? Hands down my favorite brewery in Flagstaff.

If you have any more questions about the event itself, there is an extensive Q&A post on the Facebook event page.


— Kristin

Editor’s note: And since this is Kristin’s first story as a member of the Brew Crew Bullpen, we asked her to include a bio as a way of introducing herself to all of you.

The precious!

The precious!

Kristin (The SheNerd): I’m still a relative noob in the world of beer appreciation. While I had enjoyed an occasional beer from time to time, it wasn’t until I moved to Albuquerque in 2009 that I had my mind blown by what beer could actually be — freaking delicious! Craft beer hadn’t really caught on where I used to live in Southern California, so I would stick with Guinness, or Newcastle if I wanted a light beer. (I know …) Oh, the things I have learned since moving here. Though I do have my favorite styles, namely stouts, porters, browns and ESBs, I really enjoy trying everything. It was a banner day the first time I found an IPA I would order on a regular basis. Trying new beer makes for fun adventures and is a great way get to know the people whereever I am visiting. From Scotland to California, I have made fantastic friends thanks to craft beer. It really is about so much more than just the taste. It is about the total experience from the atmosphere of where I am drinking beer to the people I am surrounded by. Beer just tastes better when shared with great people. My habit is supported by my day job of being on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all day. Seriously, I get paid to do that. Outside of that, I co-host a radio show called Director’s Cut Radio (www.directorscutradio.com) and have even created some beer-centric shows to educate my co-host about the wonders of different beer styles. Cheers all and feel free to hit me up on Twitter and Instagram: @TheSheNerd

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