Kick off the soccer season with some early pints at Red Door

Posted: August 6, 2015 by cjax33 in Events
We take our soccer seriously in the Crew. See just how serious by joining us Saturday morning at Red Door.

We take our soccer seriously in the Crew. See just how serious by joining us Saturday morning at Red Door.

It can be tough being a fan of European soccer and living in the Mountain Time Zone. The games are on ridiculously early, at least for those of us more nocturnal types. Every now and again, though, you just have to make the extra effort to wake up early and head to the nearest television. Of course, then you still have to make yourself some breakfast. And society generally seems to frown upon drinking beer early in the day. Why not go to a judgment-free zone, one where there is beer to be had, plus someone else cooking the food? A place where other fans will join you, decked out in proper jerseys, cheering and heckling their way through the morning.

Yes, this Saturday morning is the kickoff to the Barclays Premier League season. Since Saturday is the day where Red Door opens their, well, doors bright and early for beer lovers, we decided to combine their usual Beer and Breakfast with the start of the BPL. This Saturday, beginning at 7 a.m., the Crew (at least those of us who can wake up that early) will be joining the folks from the Albuquerque Sol FC for a watch party at Red Door. There will be food trucks outside and beer and games to watch inside.

As an added bonus, you can get $1 off pints if you wear a proper English jersey. The Crew will be judging the validity of your jersey, so don’t show up with the 90s Man U jersey with “Bekcham” on the back that you bought at the flea market. Also, if your cousin backpacking through Europe brought you back a jersey from an obscure team, please make sure they are still going to be in the league this season. Remember, unlike MLS, the BPL does practice relegation and promotion. So to help you out, at the end of last season Hull City, Burnley, and Queens Park Rangers were all relegated to the next level below. Bournemouth, Norwich City, and Watford were all promoted. The rest of the league you should know by now. Tottenham and Liverpool are the hapless bridesmaids. Arsenal has been underachieving for a while but might finally rise back up. Manchester City is evil. Manchester United is eviler. And Chelsea is the evilest. (Sorry, Brandon, but you know it’s true.) The rest, well, have loyal followings and are just trying to stay up. See my team, Newcastle United, for a good example.

Oh, and if your team is playing Saturday (here is the schedule) and they win, your subsequent pint will be $1.50 off. There may be some additional giveaways and fun activities. The Red Door staff was trying to find some soccer games to put on their video game systems in the corner, so just in case your team is not playing (or getting drubbed), you have another entertainment option.

So come join us and the other earlybirds and soccer fans and people getting off the graveyard shift. We’re going to have some proper pints and watch a little footy on the telly! (We also apologize in advance to Adam for the terrible English accents we could end up sporting.)


— Stoutmeister

  1. JJ says:

    For this season I have declared my allegiance to Bournemouth. Hopefully they keep up their balls out attacking style.

  2. adamauden says:

    Your consideration is appreciated Stoutmeister. 🙂

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