So about that one missing beer from the Founders kickoff party

The Tuesday announcement that Founders Brewing was coming to New Mexico in October was greeted warmly by most of the people we interacted with online or in person. However, more than a few folks seemed a bit disappointed that one beer was missing from the (outstanding) lineup of nine Founders offerings that will be at the Kickoff Party at Nob Hill Bar & Grill on Oct. 7.

Of course we are referring to KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout), one of the most sought-after beers in America. It can be hard if not impossible to acquire. Over the years the Crew has had a mere handful of bottles of this wonderful elixir, where the already excellent Breakfast Stout is aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels. Yet, we have never had the pleasure of enjoying the epic epicness on tap.

Drum roll …

Please don't drool on your computer.
Please don’t drool on your computer.

Oh, Oct. 14 is so far away, is it not? We all need things to look forward to in life, so at least we have this event.

To keep us satiated through September, though, NHBG and bar manager/craft lover extraordinaire Thomas DeCaro has lined up some serious goodness every Wednesday night.

Sept. 2: Avery Special Tapping featuring The Beast, The Maharaja, Samael’s, and The Reverend. The Beast (15-17% ABV, 63 IBU) is a Grand Cru. The Maharaja (10-12% ABV, 102 IBU) is a monstrous imperial IPA. Samael’s (15-17% ABV, 41 IBU) is an oak-aged English-style strong ale.  The Reverend (10% ABV, 24 IBU) is a decadent Belgian quad.

Sept. 9: Green Flash/Apline Tap Takeover featuring Hoppy Birthday, Pacific Gem Single Hop, Styrian Golding Single Hop, Green Bullet, Double Stout, and Hop Head Red. The Green Bullet (10.1% ABV, 100+ IBU) is a specialty release from Green Flash.

Sept. 16: Special tapping of a 2014 Alaskan Smoked Porter keg

Sept. 23: Special tapping of Odell Oak Haven (Peach Ale aged in whiskey barrels)

Sept. 30: Double Bourbon Barrel Tapping of Pumpkin Barrel Ale and Kentucky Barrel Ale from Lexington Brewing

That should keep everyone more than satisfied until KBS night.

Got any questions? Ask us and we will do our best to answer, or we will pass it along to Thomas and get back to you via the usual channels (Facebook, Twitter, this site, email, in person, etc.).


— Stoutmeister

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